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ChatGPT for all your SEO needs

  Published: 2023/03/15

 Last updated: 2023/05/24

 By: Dejan Murko

ChatGPT for all your SEO needs featured image

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you’ve heard of ChatGPT. Besides mind-blowing everyone at how amazing it is at answering all kinds of questions, it made every SEOs job A LOT easier when it comes to writing articles.  Here are a few tips and tricks to help you generate […]

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Buying Backlinks For SEO – Should You Buy Backlinks in 2022?

  Published: 2022/10/10

 Last updated: 2022/11/02

 By: Dejan Murko

Buying Backlinks For SEO – Should You Buy Backlinks in 2022? featured image

When it comes to SEO, link building is one of the hardest tactics to get right. Quality backlinks are essential if you want to boost your search engine ranking, but earning these links can be tough. One of the biggest considerations regarding link building is whether or not to buy backlinks for SEO.  Google’s stance […]

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PBN Domains: How To Find and Where To Buy a PBN Domain

  Published: 2022/08/03

 Last updated: 2023/08/28

 By: Dejan Murko

PBN Domains: How To Find and Where To Buy a PBN Domain featured image

Link-building efforts are one of the cornerstones of a successful SEO campaign, with Private Blog Networks (PBNs) being one of the most effective link-building tactics.  To build a strong PBN, you need to find and buy quality expired domains. Below, I have broken down everything you need to know to do so so that you […]

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What is a Private Blog Network: understanding and creating Private Blog Networks

  Published: 2022/06/17

 Last updated: 2023/08/27

 By: Dejan Murko

What is a Private Blog Network: understanding and creating Private Blog Networks featured image

Preview Private Blog Networks have been widely used to influence search engine rankings for as long as backlinks have been a ranking factor. And, despite a lot of evolution in the field of PBNs, they will likely remain a common SEO strategy for a long time to come. Since PBNs violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, they’ve remained […]

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Latest discoveries about deindexations and Search Engine crawling

  Published: 2016/08/03

 Last updated: 2022/05/03

 By: Dejan Murko

Every time a blog gets deindexed on EBN, we save all the information we have about it so we can analyze it later. We then do batch analysis to see if there are any patterns or footprints that we can report to the community. In the last few weeks, we found a few interesting things. We’re still discussing how..

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IP Ownership Analysis Of Cheap Hosting Providers: Only 20% With Own Servers

  Published: 2016/06/01

 Last updated: 2020/08/19

 By: Nejc Zupan

When people new to PBNs ask where to host their blogs, a lot of experts recommend using different cheap hosting providers to get a diversity of IPs. We wanted to put that claim to the test for some time now. Analyzing 80 Cheap Hosting Providers We collected a list of 80 popular cheap hosts from different forums and..

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Research: two thirds of PBNs on Cloudflare leak real IPs

  Published: 2016/05/26

 Last updated: 2022/01/19

 By: Nejc Zupan

A few weeks ago we added CloudFlare SSL support for blogs hosted on EBN. While in the process of integrating CloudFlare we did thorough research on potential leaks and footprints. Here are our findings. Is CloudFlare successfully masking my server’s real IP? In essence, if you know exactly what you are doing and are very careful..

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Footprints: MX Records

  Published: 2016/05/23

 Last updated: 2021/11/29

 By: Nejc Zupan

Footprints: MX Records featured image

Last week we talked about how nameservers can be a huge footprint for your PBN. Today we have another DNS themed blog post. This time, we’ll talk about MX records. What are MX records? MX records are an optional part of your DNS (domain name system). They are similar to A records, which are required to..

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Why nameservers are more dangerous footprints than IPs

  Published: 2016/05/12

 Last updated: 2022/06/02

 By: Nejc Zupan

Why nameservers are more dangerous footprints than IPs featured image

This is another post in our series about advanced footprints. While we wouldn’t really count nameserver footprints as advanced, there are still people doing really basic mistakes with them so we wanted to shed some light on the topic. Nameservers are servers hosting your DNS zonefile, or in other words, your DNS records. Without them, your browser does not know to..

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Footprints: default server webpages

  Published: 2016/04/26

 Last updated: 2021/11/25

 By: Dejan Murko

Footprints: default server webpages featured image

In this series of blog posts, we’ve been looking at various ways in which servers present information which can be used by search engines to uniquely identify them. That is, they leave footprints, often very obvious ones. Here at EBN we take quite a few steps to make sure that the servers hosting our WordPress..

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