Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to buy hosting accounts for Easy Blog Networks to work?

No. The beauty of EBN is all your hosting is already included, so everything's under one roof (which incidentally also makes your overall costs for individual IP addresses significantly cheaper than many other similar companies).

How many IPs do you have? How many can I use?

We have a few thousand IPs but for safety reasons you can purchase only up to 500 unique IPs. This way an average user has access to less than 5% of our whole pool of IPs. All IPs are A-, B- or at the very least non-sequential C-blocks.

All IPs come from reputable providers in the US, UK, Canada and Australia. Our IP pool spans 38 A-blocks which is 19% of all A-Blocks used by the western providers.

Is Easy Blog Networks also a WordPress management system?

While our system takes care of the fundamentals (upgrades, backups, security), you'll want to use your own management system for mass content posting and similar tasks.

Any of the popular ones will work with Easy Blog Networks: CMS Commander, MainWP, Infinite WP, ManageWP, Network Crusader or any other.

Can I host anything else besides WordPress?

Right now, no, but EBN is fully optimized for simple, secure and easy WordPress hosting. When you see how simple it is, you won't want anything else.

What happens if I get hacked?

It's very unlikely that it would happen because we keep your blogs fully up-to-date on a daily basis. However, should that occur then we'll fix the problem for you. And don't forget with EBN you have daily backups being made for you on autopilot so you'll never lose your work.

Are there any bandwidth or space limits?

There are no fixed bandwidth or space limits. However, so we can keep our prices low and pass the savings on to you, we don't allow hosting of videos, large images or any other large files. We also don't recommend hosting any high-traffic blogs (10,000 visits per month or more) or any demanding custom installations (like eCommerce and similar).

Can you guarantee 100% uptime? I don't want my sites going down for no reason.

No one can, and anyone that does should be viewed with suspicion. However, because we only use leading big brand hosting companies we are confident that your uptime will be close to 99.9% and excellent across the board.

See the list of our hosting hosting providers »

What am I not allowed to host?

We don't allow any illegal topics, hate speech, pharmacy, gambling and adult (includes escort topics). Our system does regular scans of all blogs and if it finds specific keywords it will automatically remove the blog post.

Is EBN an SEO host? I heard they get penalized.

No, EBN is not SEO hosting. SEO hosts use their own IPs and servers and we host everything with brand hosting providers.

How do you compare to competitors?

Glad you asked! EBN is the market leader but there are a few competitors that offer similar services. You can read about Bulk Buy Hosting, PBN dot Hosting, Cloak Hosting and IP NetworX.

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