Fair Usage Policy

Blog Usage Limits

We're doing our best to keep the prices as low as possible. Therefore we need to make sure we prevent overuse that could lead to slower and worse service for regular users.

Overuse can be intentional or unintentional and can include CPU usage, disk usage or any other server resource. We classify it as anything that takes 50% more resources than average in our system.

To avoid having your blog flagged you should not:

  • host big files, including but not limited to video and image files,
  • mass post posts, pages or comments to your blog,
  • use blogs for file sharing,
  • use complex and resource-intensive plugins or themes,
  • do anything else that would increase server load.

If your blog exceeds any of the below limits, it will get flagged in our system:

  • Disk space: 1GB
  • Traffic: 5 GB in 7 days
  • Requests: 10k/day (non-cached)
  • Plugins: 25
  • Comments: 2000 total (1000 approved, 1000 unapproved)
  • Posts/Pages/Custom Post type: 5,000
  • Scheduled CRON jobs: 20

Less than 1% of the blogs in our system get flagged.

Response Steps

1. Monitoring

Your blog pops up on our radar when any of the limits are exceeded. In this case, your blog is put under close monitoring.

2. Optimization

If blog continues to be problematic, we implement different levels of content caching to the blog. You will be notified of the action in this step.

3. Increase Blog Resources

If the blog continues to overuse resources, we will upgrade it to double or triple resources (taking up 2 or 3 blog slots). You might be required to upgrade your account if no blog slots are available.

4. Disabling Blog

If none of our actions helped lower the burden on the server, we are forced to disable the blog to protect other blogs on the server.

DMCA/Abuse/Trademark infringement

When we receive DMCA, abuse, or trademark infringement reports from our hosting providers, we take immediate action as otherwise the whole server can get suspended.

Content abuse and DMCA

In the first step, we suspend the blog with a maintenance plugin (so you still have access to everything) and put it under close monitoring. You will be notified about what actions you need to take in an email. You have 14 days to remove the infringing content. Do not reactivate the blog until the content is removed and you've received our go-ahead. If you enable the blog without addressing the issue, the blog will be immediately deleted from our server and your account scheduled for cancellation.

Once the abusive content is removed, we unsuspend the blog and you can continue hosting it on our platform. Your action is required within 14 days of the email, otherwise, the blog will be disabled.

Domain trademark infringement

In the case of a trademark infringement that includes the domain name, your blog will be disabled (so you won't have access to it) in the system. You can download the backup on the blog's info page and move your blog to a different hosting platform. The blog data will be removed within 14 days.

Legal Files

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