The Ultimate Guide to Private Blog Networks

The Free Step-by-Step Guide
to Building Your First PBN

Everything you need to know about building your first PBN:

  • Gray Tick Finding quality expired domains
  • Gray Tick Hosting and managing your blogs
  • Gray Tick Avoiding PBN footprints
  • Gray Tick Testing domains for toxicity
  • Gray Tick Automating content publishing

This guide is the culmination of knowledge from building and managing PBNs since 2014 and hosting tens of thousands of blogs on the platform.

Easy Blog Networks Video Preview
Easy Blog Networks Video Preview

Things you'll learn in this Ultimate Guide

What is a Private Blog Network?

We define a PBN, why it’s an evergreen powerful linking method and some beginner pitfalls to avoid.

Finding expired domains for your PBN

Where to find domains, what metrics to look for and how much to spend getting your first PBN domain. Includes a checklist.

Finding the right hosting for your PBN

Where to host your PBN to minimize risk and how to create and maintain your blogs.

Restoring the previous site structure and content

How to restore the old website, what to avoid to prevent future issues, and how to quickly create and publish new content.

Avoiding PBN footprints

Things to strictly avoid to prevent your PBN from getting discovered and deindexed, and a few busted myths. Includes a checklist.

Testing your PBN

A well known method to test your new domains for toxicity to prevent tanking instead of ranking your money site.