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Private Blog Networks: why you should ignore “SEO gurus”

  Published: 2021/12/08

 Last updated: 2022/01/24

 By: Dejan Murko

Private Blog Networks: why you should ignore “SEO gurus” featured image

Learn what is a Private Blog Network (PBN) and why you should ignore the articles from mainstream SEO websites.

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Securing your blogs from malware attacks

  Published: 2021/10/19

 Last updated: 2021/11/28

 By: Gasper Vozel

Securing your blogs from malware attacks featured image

At EBN, we put a lot of effort into keeping your blogs secure and stable. Unfortunately, with WordPress, this is not always an easy task. By some estimates, WordPress sites account for 37% of allwebsites on the internet and because of this, it’s very compelling for hackers to write malware for it. And there’s A LOT of […]

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Collaborator Access

  Published: 2021/03/02

 By: Marbe Ralozo

Collaborator Access featured image

You asked, we listened! Easy Blog Networks now supports sharing access to your blogs without giving access to your entire EBN account. Whether it’s for a co-worker, a developer, a contractor, or a VA, you have control over which blogs they will have access to and for how long. Collaborator API Key This entire feature […]

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Kafkai Review: the Best AI Writing Machine

  Published: 2021/01/25

 By: Marbe Ralozo

Kafkai Review: the Best AI Writing Machine featured image

Meet Kafkai: the machine-learning powered writing program, producing SEO content for less than $0.10 per article. AI-written articles at cents instead of dollars sound too good to be true. I don’t blame you. The internet is littered with “powered by AI” ads for various tools offering different promises. Not to mention that the content industry […]

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Organize your blogs with tags

  Published: 2020/09/15

 Last updated: 2020/09/21

 By: Dejan Murko

Organize your blogs with tags featured image

We’ve received a lot of requests for blog organization in a way that doesn’t affect the Network and IP selection. There was a lot of confusion about the Network selection as a way to organize blogs when it’s only for IP selection.

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Easy Blog Networks System Update #27

  Published: 2020/06/20

 Last updated: 2020/09/15

 By: Dejan Murko

Easy Blog Networks System Update #27 featured image

There hasn’t been a system update for a few months, so it’s time to catch up with everything we did in the past few months. Yoast plugin issue fixed We fixed an issue with Yoast plugin that created trouble with the theme customizer. The issue was found in our configuration and resolved. Improved SSL renewal.

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Removing the InfiniteWP Client from EBN

  Published: 2020/02/21

 Last updated: 2021/12/13

 By: Marbe Ralozo

Removing the InfiniteWP Client from EBN featured image

We have recently learned that the InfiniteWP Client, a popular plugin for managing WordPress blogs, has been compromised and was being actively used by hackers to gain access to the blogs and even the servers that the plugin was installed on.

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What are PBNs (Private Blog Networks) and why you should use them in your business

  Published: 2019/09/04

 Last updated: 2021/11/24

 By: Dejan Murko

What are PBNs (Private Blog Networks) and why you should use them in your business featured image

A Private Blog Network (PBN) is a group of blogs on authoritative domains and hosted on different servers with different IPs. These blogs are created to simulate quality backlinks to the owner’s money site.

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EBN browser extensions for faster login to your blogs

  Published: 2018/05/23

 Last updated: 2020/08/19

 By: Admin EBN

We’ve just published Firefox and Chrome extensions that make it easier for you to log into your EBN blogs. All you need to do is connect the extension to your account, and then you can manage your blogs directly from your browser. Read the help article for instructions on how to install and use the extensions.

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Restore sites directly into EBN!

  Published: 2018/01/18

 Last updated: 2020/08/19

 By: Dejan Murko

One major annoyance for some EBN users has been the inability to easily restore sites from into their EBN account. But with the help from people at Wayback Machine Downloader that has now been resolved! Wayback Machine Downloader offers easy restoration from of any website into your EBN account. And they’re offering a..

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