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Easy Blog Networks allows you to run one or multiple networks from within a single dashboard. In fact, EBN does 99% of the running for you. One-click logins. Automated updates. Automated backups. Setup performance and security.

The ability to forget almost every technical aspect of your PBN setup, maintenance, security and performance means your only focus need be on adding more blogs to rank more keywords.

Automatic WordPress,
Theme And Plugin Updates

Automatic Updates

When you have multiple blogs it quickly becomes a full-time job just staying on top of the huge amount of updates you need to make. So it's no surprise that out-of-date plugins and themes, and not staying on top of core security updates is the single most common cause of successful hacking attempts.

Easy Blog Networks fixes this problem for you before it begins by fully automating all updates across your entire network.

Automatic Daily Backups

Daily Backups

Our system keeps daily backups so you don't have to.

With Easy Blog Networks you have a restorable blog at all times. Even if the hosting never fails, and you never get hacked, you can still restore previous work with ease and have the peace of mind that your blogs, and thus your business, is safeguarded against the unexpected. You can also download the latest backups to your computer.

Run Multiple Networks
From A Single Dashboard

Multiple Networks - One Dashboard

No more logging into to multiple, awkward cPanels. No more lengthy logins to individual blogs. No more lost hours searching for detailed blog metrics and information.

With Easy Blog Networks you can run multiple networks from one simple dashboard. All the information you need is available at the click of a button. You can login in to any blog without the need for passwords or usernames. You can even see your networks most important metric and indexing data without leaving the dashboard!

Are Your Blogs Making Your Network Sick?

EBN EXCLUSIVE! Built-In Blog Health

We’re excited to be the first and only PBN provider to offer a built-in blog health checker.

That means EBN can now diagnose each of your blogs to give you a blog health score. See at a glance which blogs are in good standing. See which blogs are at risk of being deindexed. And most importantly, see how to quickly fix them up for a clean bill of health.

Blog Health Bars

Here’s how it works:

The Blog Health will assess your blogs on specific metrics before giving you a color code, and percentage score between 0-100% to let you see at a glance how much risk you are at from being deindexed and what needs doing to reduce your risk and maintain a perfectly healthy network.

Blog Health doesn’t stop there though.

We’re refining and improving the algorithm all the time, and as it becomes more robust we’ll be adding new features, new checks, and even better ways to help keep all the blogs in your network in perfect condition.

That’s a nice feature. Always happy to see you guys keep improving your product… I’ll be sticking around!
- Jeff ( see comment)
Just checked it out and got horrified of the number of orange bars shown for my blogs hehehe :) Super useful feature, thanks for implementing it guys!
- Nadya ( see comment)

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Check Out These Other Key Features

  • Login to any blog in your network in a single click, no passwords or usernames required.
  • Get detailed blog information on login credentials, WordPress version, and DNS easily from one page.
  • Check your backups are running smoothly and download the latest few backups to your computer.
  • Check the blog's SEO Metrics including Majestic CF & TF, Moz DA and indexation status.
  • Instantly see daily updates to your blogs in your activity log.

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If you are looking to save time and effort and run your entire PBN system from the comfort of one powerful dashboard then EBN is for you.

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Easy Blog Networks is the first and only PBN provider that enables you to create an entirely footprint-free organic IP profile for your blog network.

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