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  • Completely natural hosting profile
  • PBN hosting on the best cloud hosting providers
  • 1-Click blog install and autopilot maintenance
  • 100% FREE site migrations from any host
  • Time-tested safety and low deindexation rates
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Completely Natural Hosting Profile and Zero Footprints

PBN Hosting with Zero Footprints

Your blogs are hosted on different A-, B- & C-Block IP addresses, in different data centers and by different hosting companies. This way your Private Blog Network profile looks completely natural.

We use a selection of high quality cloud hosts, many of them hosting millions of sites for their customers. We invested a lot of time to make sure your network doesn't leave any footprints.

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PBN Hosting with Zero Footprints

Host Your PBN on The Best Cloud Hosting Companies

Amazon Web Services
Digital Ocean
1-Click Blog Install

1-Click Blog Install and Autopilot Maintenance

1-Click Blog Install

1-click to install a blog to a random server on a random host. Automatic WordPress, theme and plugin updates. Daily backups for peace of mind.

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Configured servers for performance. Absolutely no need for expensive security plugins because we take care of everything.

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We'll move your Private Blog Network from any host to Easy Blog Networks, 100% FREE.

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Time-Tested Safety and Low Deindexation Rates

PBN Hosting deindexation rates

PBN Fox analyzed 6000 blogs they manage and found that EBN deindexation rate is on par with premium cPanel hosts. Charles Floate analyzed 165 of his blogs hosted on different PBN hosts and found that EBN deindexation rate is by far lowest.

We built Easy Blog Networks to be the easiest, simplest and 100% autopilot solution for building, hosting and managing your PBNs.

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PBN Hosting deindexation rates
Easiest, simplest, and 100% autopilot solution

The easiest and 100% autopilot solution for your PBN

Easiest, simplest, and 100% autopilot solution

We built Easy Blog Networks to be the easiest, simplest, and 100% autopilot solution for building, hosting, and managing private blog networks.

EBN is a better solution than SEO hosting because it gives each of your sites the IP address and name servers directly from the hosting provider. This means when your blog is hosted at Rackspace, you'll be using Rackspace's nameservers.

Easiness of use, coupled with the largest hosting providers, and lack of footprints, make EBN the best choice for your Private Blog Network. Feedback from our users affirms this!

Users Love Easy Blog Networks

Just finished doing some consulting work with Dejan and the guys at Easy Blog Networks. Their setup is awesome, got a fantastic dev team behind it and they're the first SEO product to reach out for improvements and advice.

I suggest you guys check them out.

When Easy Blog Networks opened up I signed up for it immediately. It doesn't get any easier than one click! The basics of updates and backups are taken care of, and I can click a button to transfer over my old sites. Plus, my page loads are now much faster.

I'll be transferring over the rest of my websites as soon as possible.

We were lucky enough to come across Easy Blog Networks, since then managing our domains has been a lot easier. I have to say that everything about them we have found exceptional - the contact, the support, the system itself, the speed of the hosting, the load speed of the pages, the security - you name it and it really is everything we could ask for under one roof.

71.5% of users have the whole or most of their PBN on Easy Blog Networks.

71.5% 74.7% users mostly use EBN

97.9% of users would recommend EBN to their friend.

97.9% EBN users recommend us 97.9%

* Source: User Survey 2020

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