When people new to PBNs ask where to host their blogs, a lot of experts recommend using different cheap hosting providers to get a diversity of IPs. We wanted to put that claim to the test for some time now.

Analyzing 80 Cheap Hosting Providers

We collected a list of 80 popular cheap hosts from different forums and FB groups. Then we checked IP ownership of the homepage website with the method we discussed in our blog post about ASN in the footprints series.

The result?

The 80 hosting providers’ IPs are owned by only 17 companies. More than a third of those IPs are owned by just one company (EIG). Only 20% looks like they have their own servers.

In comparison – Easy Blog Networks IPs are spread over more than 30 companies – and you only need one login, not 80.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 19.02.44

By far the largest owner is The Endurance International Group (36%) that is known for their acquisitions in the hosting industry. They own BlueHost, Hostgator, HostMonster, HostNine, SEOWebHosting, Site5 and tens of other hosting brands.

Other known brands are OVH, SoftLayer and HostDime.

So, what’s happening?

What people don’t know is that cheap hosting providers don’t usually have their own servers, IPs nor data centers. They buy servers or reseller plans from big brand hosting providers and just host all websites there.

Now, let’s be clear – there is nothing wrong with this and it will not get your PBN deindexed. However, if you plan on subscribing to 80 hosts and manage 80 logins, I am sure that you expect a lot more IP diversification. Therefore before singing up with individual hosting providers, make sure to analyze their homepage’s IP and ASN to get as much diversification as possible.

And of course with Easy Blog Networks you get access to almost twice the ASNs as in the above 80 hosts with A LOT less hassle.

Nejc Zupan

Nejc is co-founder and lead developer of Easy Blog Networks.

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