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Easy Blog Networks System Update #26

Last updated on 2019/09/23


by Marbe Ralozo

Easy Blog Networks System Update #26 featured image

We are always looking to see what we can do to make improvements here at Easy Blog Networks and lately, we’ve been quite busy! Besides minor fixes and bug squashing, here is a short breakdown of what we have been up to, what is in the works, and things to look forward to. We want […]

EBN System Update #25

Last updated on 2019/03/21


by Gasper Vozel

EBN System Update #25 featured image

For the last 6 months, we’ve been working hard on making EBN source code as easy to maintain as possible. The majority of EBN is written in Python and as some of you know the End of Life for Python 2.7 has been set to 2020 (ref). I’m happy to announce that we’ve already rewritten […]

EBN now has one-click Enable HTTPS

Last updated on 2019/01/09


by Dejan Murko

Let’s Encrypt is rapidly advancing secure website encryption with their free SSL. We also see more and more EBN users requesting the certificate, so we’ve decided to create a button that will enable it for you in one-click. You can find the button above the Report Problem. Once the blog has enabled HTTPS, it will show […]

EBN browser extensions for faster login to your blogs

Last updated on 2018/11/10


by Admin EBN

We’ve just published Firefox and Chrome extensions that make it easier for you to log into your EBN blogs. All you need to do is connect the extension to your account, and then you can manage your blogs directly from your browser. Read the help article for instructions on how to install and use the extensions. […]

You can now install blogs with ‘www’ directly from the Add Blog form

Last updated on 2018/05/03


by Marbe Ralozo

In the past, if you wanted to have www in the address of the blog, you needed to go through the WordPress settings dashboard. From today on, you can just add it in the domain field of the Add Blog form (without http://). This will simplify the process of adding a blog even further, making […]

Security while traveling and using WiFi

Last updated on 2017/12/27


by Janez Troha

I recently attended a conference where I had to stay in a not cheap hotel that had shared WiFi. Being a curious person (as any Mr. Robot fan would be), I wondered how secure accessing the Internet there really is. Well, as you might have guessed, it’s horrible.  I could see every guest’s device on […]

Easy Blog Networks System Update #14

Last updated on 2020/03/24


by Dejan Murko

Here are the last month’s tasks: Added hundreds of new IPs and decreased overlap between users. Server randomization measures taken to differentiate our servers. Automatic deindexed blogs removal for cleaner server neighborhood. Two third party audits done for footprints and security. Over 100 other minor issues resolved. Things in progress: New blog info page with blog analytics. New hosting providers, DNS […]