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Promote the leading solution for hosting and managing blog networks and earn up to 50% recurring lifetime commissions

Earn up to 50% commission on all monthly payments

Affiliate Levels

Customers you send will earn you up to 50% lifetime commissions. As long as they keep paying, you keep receiving commissions. This includes all plan upgrades. If a user upgrades from $35 to $199 per month, your commission goes up from $17.5 to $99.5!

Plus, the more customers you send our way, the more money we send your way. You receive one-time bonuses with every level-up.

The tracking cookie is valid for 90 days after the last click. This means that visitors that you refer to Easy Blog Networks will earn you a commission even if they convert three months later!

Affiliate Levels

Easy Blog Networks has been a consistent money-maker for affiliates

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Promote the best PBN hosting to your audience

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Everyone that builds their own PBN has the same issues - finding many safe and inexpensive hosting providers for their PBN blogs and then maintaining these blogs - from security to performance and backups. EBN solves all of that.

When you promote EBN, you promote the best option for your audience that wants to build a PBN.

Blog list dashboard

Show you can rank and earn a permanent 50% commission

All affiliates that rank on page 1 for US/UK search for keywords:

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receive 50% commission immediately and keep it for as long as they rank.

With 3 sales per month to $21,893 per year in recurring revenue


By sending just 3 sales per month for 3 years, you could create a recurring revenue of $21,893 per year.

This is calculated with the $49 monthly subscription, 50% commission and 5% churn.


Remarketing Ad Spend Included

We spend money to convert your referrals. All visitors are remarketed on Facebook to get them back and convert.

Main selling points of Easy Blog Networks

The Leading Provider
The Leading Provider

EBN is the leading provider for PBN hosting. We're known for easiness of use, a large selection of hosts, and great support.

Online since 2014
Online since 2014

We launched in 2014, and we've been running the service consistently and reliably since day one.

User statisfaction
User satisfaction

In our member surveys, we consistently rank the recommendation percentage at around 95%. The users are in great hands.

Experienced Team
Experienced team

In our industry, there's a lot of small, anonymous hosts. EBN is backed by a full-time team and a proper company.

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5 stars 94.7% would recommend EBN to a friend (2024 survey)

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