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Deploy a new randomly configured blog to a random cloud host by entering just two fields

5 stars 94.7% would recommend EBN to a friend (2024 survey)

It doesn't get easier than
1-click install

1-Click Blog Install

Each blog is fully installed with a random theme, different plugins, randomized usernames, and a mailbox in a single click.

We even take an extra step to make the blogs in your network appear as unique as possible by setting up every blog with a completely randomized admin username, full name, and email address.

Simply enter your domain name and blog title, and EBN does the rest. It really couldn't be easier to be up and running with a powerful PBN in just minutes.

1-Click Blog Install

1-Click login from the EBN dashboard

No more saving passwords in a spreadsheet. Easy 1-click login to any blog from inside the EBN dashboard.

Blog List Dashboard
1-Click login with EBN browser extension

With the EBN browser extension, you won't even need to visit your EBN dashboard to log in to your PBN blogs.

DNS providers

Run multiple networks from a single dashboard

Multiple Networks in Single Dashboard

No more logging into multiple, awkward cPanels. No more lengthy logins to individual blogs. No more hours searching for detailed blog metrics and information. With Easy Blog Networks, you can easily run multiple networks from one simple dashboard.

Easiest, simplest, and 100% autopilot solution
De-indexed case study

SEO metrics and indexation status

De-indexed case study

Everyone needs to know the indexation status of their PBN, so we've integrated an indexation check into EBN plus Majestic metrics for a better feel of how your PBN is doing.

Why SEO specialists just love Easy Blog Networks

five stars Over 70 five-star reviews
Installing WordPress literally takes a few seconds. I've saved hours of work already thanks to you. Great job guys! I'm impressed every time I log in.
Before discovering Easy Blog Networks I had virtual assistants dedicated to keeping things running. Now my team can focus on far more powerful and productive tasks.

Start taking full advantage of the easiest, 100% autopilot solution for building, hosting, and managing private blog networks.

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five stars 94.7% would recommend EBN to a friend (2024 survey)
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