EBN has launched in late 2014 and in these 7+ years, we’ve gone through many improvements and iterations of the website and the dashboard. Every few years though, it’s time for a bigger refresh. 

So in 2021, we decided it was time for a full design overhaul. We signed up our friend Jaka, an expert in design and conversion and he did an amazing job. It took a few months to finish the design, then in late 2021, we published the refreshed homepage. We’re very happy with the end result!

For comparison, here’s the previous one:

And the one before that (a long time ago!):

Then, at the beginning of this year, we’ve also published the refreshed dashboard:

It’s always fun to look at the past designs and how they aged. We hope this one stays fresh for at least as long as the previous ones. :)

Dejan Murko

Dejan is the co-founder of Easy Blog Networks.

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