Our users are adding more content, plugins, and features to their PBN blogs, often building fully legitimate blogs on EBN. The problem is that we actively discourage this with our blog resource limits to keep the per-blog price as low as possible.

But because the demand has increased for these types of blogs, we’ve added a feature where you can increase your blog’s resources. Because we want to stay true to our name, we made it really easy to add and manage additional (reserved) resources.

How to increase your blog’s resources in EBN

For existing blogs

Go to the blog info page and in the top right corner click the three dots, then select Upgrade blog resources. Choose double or triple resources. The blog will be moved to one of our premium servers and DNS automatically changed (if you’re not using third-party DNS).

That’s it! The blog should get the new resources in an hour or so. This will impact the reserved disk size for uploads and the reserved memory, which impacts the speed and how many plugins your blog can run. 

We still recommend you’re very selective with plugins and themes as many of them have become an even larger resource hog than before (we’re looking at you, Elementor).

For new blogs

When adding a new blog the same option is available in the Advanced Settings dropdown.


Double resources take two blog slots, and triple resources three blog slots. In other words, if you have a blog with double resources, it’s the same as if you have two blogs.


We hope you take advantage of this new feature and continue building amazing blogs that get not only search engine traffic but also actual visitors. :)

Dejan Murko

Dejan is the co-founder of Easy Blog Networks.

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