Cloak Hosting Alternative - Why You Should Reconsider And Subscribe To Easy Blog Networks

On this page, you will find the reasons why we think you shouldn't subscribe to Cloak Hosting and rather subscribe to Easy Blog Networks, the leading provider for PBN hosting since 2015.

Why Not Cloak Hosting?

Cloak Hosting

Cloak Hosting is one of the older entrant in the PBN hosting space, and it shows. They haven’t changed their homepage, prices or anything else since they launched. Again, as is the custom with our competitors, they say they host with hundreds of hosts, however they don’t list any.

They do daily backups, but that is where the automation ends. They open cPanel accounts for you and then you need to manage everything on your own.

They are also more expensive than Easy Blog Networks - for 100 blogs you will pay $237 instead of $199 compared to EBN.

The worst thing about Cloak Hosting is their security. In 2016 a well-known figure in the SEO FB groups published all their IPs. They were very lucky there wasn't any major attack on their infrastructure at that time.

Why Easy Blog Networks?

Easy Blog Networks

Easy Blog Networks launched in late 2014. We name our popular hosting providers, and we show you exactly who and where you host with. We have nothing to hide and everything we say, you can check in your account.

Not only do we do daily backups, you can install WordPress in 1-click. We then also do automatic updates of WordPress core, themes and plugins, and we set up the blog and server for security and performance. There is very little for you to do but add content and links to your blogs.

Because we know the importance of security, we do regular third party security audits.

With EBN you also get a full dashboard with SEO metrics - Majestic, MOZ and Indexation status, all updated on a regular basis. And with our exclusive Blog Health, we’ll show you issues on your blogs that can cause deindexation.

  Cloak Hosting Easy Blog Networks
Hosting Providers  Unknown  Known big brands
1-Click WordPress Setup  No  Yes
Daily Backups  No  Yes
Automatic WordPress Updates  No  Yes
Third-Party Security Audits  No  Yes
Price for 100 Blogs  $237  $199

We are confident when we say that Easy Blog Networks is the easiest and safest solution for hosting your PBN.

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