IP NetworX Alternative - Why You Should Reconsider And Subscribe To Easy Blog Networks

Are you thinking about subscribing to IPX? Or have you already been burned like many of our existing users and are looking for an alternative? In any case, you'll want to read this page before doing anything.

Why Not IP NetworX?

IP NetworX

IP NetworX was one of the most popular PBN hosts in 2015, however, their reputation has been rapidly going downhill since then.

Even though they state the lack of footprints, with even a basic 10-blog setup you can see the failures of the setup. The majority of the IPs they provide are assigned for "gaming" (think gaming servers), not "hosting". Why do they use them? Because they are cheap, easily available and simple to buy. They say they only provide nameservers on .de domains (which would be bad enough), however, that is untrue because all of their nameservers are custom and only their users use them. There is absolutely no worse footprint than a custom nameserver!

They don't disclose the hosting providers they use. That is because they use only one - French OVH. How do we know? Because when in 2016 OVH provider went offline for hours, all IPX blogs went down with it.

The setup of IPX is pretty standard for a pre-2010 SEO host: VPS servers, bought IPs, custom nameservers. There is nothing they do differently and it's why SEO hosts got deindexed in the first place.

Why Easy Blog Networks?

Easy Blog Networks

Easy Blog Networks launched a bit after IPX, in late 2014. After the large failures of IP NetworX in 2015, EBN has become the popular choice for SEOs to host their PBNs.

Compared to IP NetworX we are very transparent - we tell you about our hosting and DNS providers. You will always know where and who you host with - and it's only with the best providers with datacenters in English speaking countries. Our IPs are assigned for hosting and we request them directly from our hosting providers. They are not cheap and there is not a lot of them left in the world, making them hard for hosting providers to get, however, it's the best way for a natural IP setup. And not only are our servers setup with random settings (server headers, PHP versions, etc.), we are the only provider that does third party security and footprint audits.

With EBN you also get a full dashboard with SEO metrics - Majestic, MOZ and Indexation status, all updated on a regular basis. And with our exclusive Blog Health, we'll show you issues on your blogs that can cause deindexation.

We also do a lot of automation to make your life easier. WordPress blogs are automatically updated, the system does daily backups and there are so many other features that there is not enough space here to cover them all. Click the below button to learn more.

  IP NetworX Easy Blog Networks
Hosting Providers  Only one, OVH  Known big brands
DNS Providers  Custom for IPX  Hosts and popular DNS providers
Footprints  Yes  No
Security Setup  No  Yes
Performance Setup  No  Yes
Automation Features  No  Yes

We are confident when we say that Easy Blog Networks is the easiest and safest solution for hosting your PBN.

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