IP NetworX vs. Easy Blog Networks

IP NetworX Alternative

Why you should reconsider and subscribe to Easy Blog Networks

On this page, you will find the reasons why we think you shouldn't subscribe to Bulk Buy Hosting and rather subscribe to Easy Blog Networks, the leading provider for PBN hosting since 2015.

 Why not IP NetworX?

IP NetworX

IP NetworX was one of the most popular PBN hosts in 2015, however, their reputation has been rapidly going downhill since then.

Even though they state the lack of footprints, with even a basic 10-blog setup you can see the failures of the setup. The majority of the IPs they provide are assigned for "gaming" (think gaming servers), not "hosting". Why do they use them? Because they are cheap, easily available and simple to buy. They say they only provide nameservers on .de domains (which would be bad enough), however, that is untrue because all of their nameservers are custom and only their users use them. There is absolutely no worse footprint than a custom nameserver!

They don't disclose the hosting providers they use. That is because they use only one - French OVH. How do we know? Because when in 2016 OVH provider went offline for hours, all IPX blogs went down with it.

The setup of IPX is pretty standard for a pre-2010 SEO host: VPS servers, bought IPs, custom nameservers. There is nothing they do differently and it's why SEO hosts got deindexed in the first place.

 Why Easy Blog Networks?

Easy Blog Networks

Easy Blog Networks launched in late 2014. We name our popular hosting providers, and we show you exactly who and where you host with. We have nothing to hide and everything we say, you can check in your account.

Not only do we do daily backups, you can install WordPress in 1-click. We then also do automatic updates of WordPress core, themes and plugins, and we set up the blog and server for security and performance. There is very little for you to do but add content and links to your blogs.

Because we know the importance of security, we do regular third party security audits.

With EBN you also get a full dashboard with SEO metrics - Majestic, MOZ and Indexation status, all updated on a regular basis. And with our exclusive Blog Health, we’ll show you issues on your blogs that can cause deindexation.

  • Hosting providers
  • DNS Providers
  • Footprints
  • Security Setup
  • Performance Setup
  • Automation Features
  • Easy Blog Networks
  • Green Tick  Known big brands
  • Green Tick  Hosts and popular
    DNS providers
  • Green Tick  No
  • Green Tick  Yes
  • Green Tick  Yes
  • Green Tick  Yes
  • ip-networx Hosting
  • Red Cross  Only one, OVH
  • Red Cross  Custom for IPX
  • Red Cross  Yes
  • Red Cross  No
  • Red Cross  No
  • Red Cross  No
  Easy Blog Networks IP NetworX
Hosting Providers  Known big brands  Only one, OVH
DNS Providers  Hosts and popular DNS providers  Custom for IPX
Footprints  No  Yes
Security Setup  Yes  No
Performance Setup  Yes  No
Automation Features  Yes  No

Why SEO specialists just love Easy Blog Networks

five stars Over 70 five-star reviews
Just finished doing some consulting work with Dejan and the guys at Easy Blog Networks. Their setup is awesome, got a fantastic dev team behind it and they're the first SEO product to reach out for improvements and advice. I suggest you guys check them out.
It doesn't get any easier than one click! The basics of updates and backups are taken care of, and I can click a button to transfer over my old sites. Plus, my page loads are now much faster. I'll be transferring over the rest of my websites as soon as possible.

Natural hosting profile and zero footprints

One click installation

Install blogs with literally 1-click

autopilot maintenance

Set and forget - autopilot maintenance

Free Blog transfers

100% free blogs transfer to EBN

Technical Support

Friendly expert support in case you need help

Start taking full advantage of the easiest, 100% autopilot solution for building, hosting, and managing private blog networks.

Start your 7-day free trial today
five stars 94.7% would recommend EBN to a friend (2024 survey)
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