PBN sites are high-authority websites and blogs created solely for donating link equity to a main site (money site) that you want to rank highly for profitable keywords. If you are looking for a reliable way to boost your site’s ranking authority and visibility on the internet, links from PBN sites are a good choice, provided you use the right approach.

Before you start using this SEO technique to help your money site rank better, you need to answer a few important questions, including: What is a private blog network? What’s a PBN website? Are PBN sites effective? You’ll only be able to implement this SEO trick effectively if you have the right answers to these questions.

What Is a Private Blog Network?                     

A PBN is a collection of high authority sites and blogs designed to create a network that can be used to link back to the main site to improve its visibility and ranking authority. The blogs and sites that establish a PBN network don’t necessarily have to be related, but they must be healthy and safe to avoid getting penalized by Google.

Google doesn’t condone the use of link schemes because it views it as a black hat SEO trick. In the past, Google has removed private blog networks from its index when it managed to identify them–you need to use your PBN links carefully to avoid detection. You should also familiarize yourself with the latest PBN links’ best practices to avoid getting penalized by Google.

With the rising price of PBN links, you can’t afford to waste your money buying PBN links or building a PBN that may get deindexed. You should also learn how to tell if a site is part of a PBN to get an idea of what your competitors are doing. 

How Does a PBN Website Work?

As noted above, a PBN is a network of unrelated blogs and sites created for link-building purposes. Therefore, a PBN website is a site that’s part of the larger private blog network. The main purpose of having a PBN site is to link it back to your money site so that it can donate its link juice and help improve your site’s ranking authority.

The use of PBN sites is based on the idea that Google’s main ranking criterion is the number of backlinks a website has. The search engine’s algorithm views backlinks as a vote of confidence and endorsement; therefore, it will give sites with many authoritative backlinks priority when providing search results.

Because natural backlinks don’t come easily, many website owners have resorted to using PBN sites to boost their sites’ ranking. You can build your own PBN by purchasing expired domains with good link juice. As you build your PBN, bear in mind the fact that sites in highly competitive niches will need many more backlinks to rank highly and if you’re in a high-comp space you’ll need to invest in a larger PBN to see results.

So, you have to put together enough PBN sites to realize the benefits of PBN links. Make sure that the PBN sites you choose for your network have good quality content that’s relevant to your main site for better SEO–but if the sites don’t have good content, you can hire a content creator to saturate your PBN sites with fresh and relevant content that has good SEO.

Luckily, there are several services that make it relatively easy to browse and purchase expired domains. Many web hosting companies sell expired domains that have good ranking authority. You can even buy them from website owners who no longer want to renew their websites.

Make sure that your PBN sites are managed and hosted by a reliable host like Easy Blog Networks so that they don’t leave footprints that will make them noticeable. This PBN hosting company provides footprint-free hosting by providing multiple dispersed data centers and hosts. 

Easy Blog Networks also installs each PBN site and blog fully with a random username, theme, and different plugins. These measures make it difficult for Google to detect PBN links.