Ever wonder how some pages get millions of backlinks in the span of a day or two? One of the ways this happens is by using automated link building with tools such as the GSA Search Engine Ranker. 

In this post, we explain the basics of GSA backlinks, how they work, when to use them, and when not to. 

How Does GSA Search Engine Ranker Work?

GSA is one of many tools that automate link building. And these tools have been around for a while, so they’re not an SEO secret that’s going to skyrocket your rankings. 

In broad terms, GSA is software designed to take a few inputs and do things such as post forum links, and create web 2.0 profiles. What you’re going to get are a whole lot of low-value links. 

The idea is that you’ll make up for the link quality with link quantity. It’s a simple process, but one that doesn’t work out the way most people hope in the long run.

On a more granular level, you can specify where you want GSA to look for link-building opportunities, input your own list of sites to create links on, and other factors. This doesn’t really change much in terms of what you can expect but it gives you a tiny bit of control over the quality of your links. 

Applications for GSA Backlinks

The first thought most people in SEO have when they learn about automated link-building software is that it’s too good to be true. And, in reality, it mostly is. 

If you’re expecting to use GSA to boost your rankings for highly competitive terms, you’re going to end up disappointed. That’s mostly because you’ll be building links from sites and platforms that have already been spammed to death by other people using link-building automation. 

Still, that doesn’t mean links built by GSA Search Engine Ranker are completely pointless. Some of the common applications for GSA backlinks include:

Press releases – if you use press releases as part of your SEO strategy, you’ll want those to start appearing in search results as quickly as possible. GSA backlinks can provide a small boost to a press release that’s just getting off the ground. 

Indexing citations – another potential use for GSA backlinks is to help more relevant links get indexed. Citations can fall into that category and GSA backlinks could help them index faster. 

However, using GSA backlinks to boost money sites is generally regarded as a complete waste of time. Not only are the links from low-quality sites, but the vast majority of them will be nofollow links from forum posts. 

A basic rule of thumb for GSA backlinks is to use them for things where that might help but won’t hurt if the links end up being toxic. 

Alternatives to GSA Backlinks

Clearly, GSA backlinks shouldn’t be the main thrust of any link-building strategy. 

And while there are many ways to build links, very few can match the scale and speed of GSA link building. The only way to build links at scale that are a) from high-quality domains and b) will remain under your control, is to create private blog networks.

And no, we’re not talking about link farms that provide trash links until they inevitably get deindexed. 

With a proper PBN, you’re getting fully vetted links from sites that you or someone you trust controls. That way, you never have to worry about the links getting removed. Additionally, you can create links in whatever topical niche you need and get relevant links. 

Using services like HARO, creating resource pages, and cold outreach are all very legitimate link-building techniques. And while you’ll get high-quality links from them, the time and money it will cost you are disastrous in comparison to creating PBNs. 

GSA Backlinks – Conclusion

To sum it up, GSA Search Engine Ranker is software that automates the process of building low-quality links on platforms such as forums and blogs that accept comments. 

You can use it to create thousands of backlinks fast but they won’t be particularly valuable. As such, the best use for these is to support other indirect linking tactics such as citations and press releases. Using them to try to rank your money sites is relatively futile. 

If you want to build high-quality links at scale and quickly, the best option is still to use a PBN. Looking to dive further into backlink strategies and curious about the definition of link farms? Check out our latest post.