Generally, it’s not advisable to buy PBN links, especially if you can buy them easily. If you’re buying links from a PBN then so are many other people, and in that case, you’re dealing with a very public blog network. 

The safer approach is to build a PBN yourself. It’s a much more time-consuming process but one that nets you safe and clean links if you do it right. 

However, there are some exceptions to buying PBN links, and we’ll talk about those in this article. 

When Should You Buy PBN Links

The nature of PBNs is such that their owners shouldn’t readily reveal any information about the sites that are on them, their hosting, or any links that come from them. Since that is the case, you’ll be forced to buy PBN links “blindly” and always put yourself in a vulnerable position. 

There is only one instance in which it’s somewhat justified to purchase PBN links – if you’re buying them from someone you know and trust. 

If you happen to be closely associated with the owner of a PBN, and you know links from that PBN are only available to a select few people, they’re worth considering. Otherwise, you’re always running the risk of ending up with useless links from a toxic PBN. 

If that’s the case, there are many good reasons to use PBN links. 

Why Should You Buy PBN Links?

1. Fast Rankings

One of the major reasons why domain owners buy PBN links is to elevate their search engine rankings quickly. Unlike the months to years it typically takes to build backlinks through outreach, purchased PBN backlinks yield ranking results extremely fast—in many cases, within a couple of weeks. 

While there are several factors that determine how quickly your rankings can rise, how authoritative links are, the competitiveness of the niche, and the quality of your central domain play a role too. High-quality links bought from a reputable ensure the fastest scaling in search engine ranking.

2. Full Control of Links

When building backlinks from scratch, you do not have control over many aspects of those links. PBNs, on the other hand, give domain owners total control and discretion over how and where to build the links. 

3. Cost-effective

In addition to being one of the fastest ways of scaling the SEO metrics of a domain, it is also one of the least expensive options available for increasing traffic to a site. Despite the low price, these PBNs can still have extremely high-quality links as well as low footprints. 

What You Should Know Before Buying PBN Links

Buying PBN links might be a fast way to ramp up activity on your site, but doing this is regarded as a black hat SEO tactic and a violation of Google’s Webmaster Quality Guidelines. 

If you are worried about whether PBNs can be hacked, the answer is that it is possible, but unlikely if a PBN owner is using quality hosting and taking the necessary precautions. And, even if a PBN site is hacked, that doesn’t mean the sites it links to are in any additional danger. 

In a Nutshell

Purchasing PBN links is a pay-to-win SEO tactic that has its pros and cons and could be affected by the PBN host you buy the links from. If you decide to go down the route of boosting your metrics quickly, purchase PBN links only from reputable PBN hosts with a lot of positive reviews, such as Easy Blog Networks. Lastly, PBN hosts should provide low footprints to reduce the chances of your domain getting flagged.