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Completely natural hosting profile and zero footprints

PBN Hosting with Zero Footprints

Your blogs are hosted on different A-, B- & C-Block IP addresses, in different data centers, and by different hosting companies. This way, your Private Blog Network profile looks completely natural.

We use a selection of high-quality cloud hosts, many of them hosting millions of sites for their customers. We invested a lot of time to ensure your network doesn't leave any footprints.

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Best PBN service provider out there that actually understands the core requirements for PBNs.
Awesome support and great company to work with.
PBN Hosting with Zero Footprints

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Digital Ocean Digital Ocean
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1-Click Blog Install

Add blogs to your PBN with literally 1-click

1-Click Blog Install

Each blog is fully installed with a random theme, different plugins, randomized usernames, and a mailbox in a single click.

Simply enter your domain name and blog title and EBN does the rest. It really couldn't be easier to be up and running with a powerful PBN in just minutes.

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Installing WordPress literally takes a few seconds. I've saved hours of work already thanks to you. Great job guys! I'm impressed every time I log in.

Automate content posting on your blogs

Content Posting

Integrate GPT API for seamless, automatic content publishing on your blogs. Save time and money that was used on hiring and managing article writers. AI writers are here to stay and we help you leverage them for your PBN.

Enter a prompt for your blog and choose a posting schedule, then leave everything else to our system. High-quality AI articles automatically posted to all your blogs - it doesn't get simpler than this.

Content Posting
Autopilot Maintenance

Set and forget managed PBN hosting & maintenance

Autopilot Maintenance

Managed PBN hosting means you can forget almost every technical aspect of your PBN setup, maintenance, security, and performance. Your only focus needs to be on adding more blogs to rank more keywords with your money sites.

  • Automatic WordPress, theme, and plugin updates to prevent any hacking attempts.
  • Daily backups for peace of mind.
  • Automatic nameservers for setting up new blogs faster.
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Before discovering Easy Blog Networks I had virtual assistants dedicated to keeping things running. Now my team can focus on far more powerful and productive tasks

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The safest hosting solution for your PBN

PBN Hosting deindexation rates

EBN is a better solution than SEO hosting because it gives each of your sites the IP address and name servers directly from the hosting provider. If your blog is hosted at Rackspace, you'll be using Rackspace's nameservers.

This means your network will completely lack footprints, making EBN the best and safest hosting solution for your Private Blog Network.

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One of the best managed hosting systems for PBNs. I still have sites hosted on EBN from their launch day. This pretty much speaks the quality of EBN. Superfast support, they know how to avoid footprints and give us the best solution!
PBN Hosting deindexation rates

Why SEO specialists just love our PBN hosting

five stars Over 70 five-star reviews
Just finished doing some consulting work with Dejan and the guys at Easy Blog Networks. Their setup is awesome, got a fantastic dev team behind it and they're the first SEO product to reach out for improvements and advice. I suggest you guys check them out.
It doesn't get any easier than one click! The basics of updates and backups are taken care of, and I can click a button to transfer over my old sites. Plus, my page loads are now much faster. I'll be transferring over the rest of my websites as soon as possible.

If you need help, our hosting experts are here for you

EBN Team

We know that even the best technology is only as good as the people behind it.

These friendly and knowledgeable folks will be available if you have any questions about blog network hosting services or how to use your control panel.

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EBN is an excellent service. Support is great and always answers the questions. The dashboard is straightforward and easy to use. An absolute great time saver and amazing value. I am glad that I found EBN and have been using them for a year now.
EBN Team

New to PBNs?

PBN sites are a bunch of blogs under the control of a single person or organization for their private use. Hence the name - private blog network.

PBN sites can use any number of different domains and hosting providers. And, in most regards, they look and behave the same way any other websites do. The key difference is that the owner of the PBN controls all editorial decisions regarding the sites, which means they can link to their own websites for improved search rankings.

PBN sites can be used to implement link building strategies that are far superior to other backlinks building. PBN hosting is the single most important aspect of creating an effective and long-lived private blog network. Even if you do everything else perfectly, bad hosting can ruin your PBN.

If you ask anyone serious about SEO, and link building in particular, private blog networks work - and they work very well. It's easy to prove how successful private blog networks are. Just look at the most competitive niches online, and you'll see that all the top sites on the SERPs use PBNs. Private blog networks wouldn't be so popular if they didn't work.

Of course, using the right PBN hosting provider is also essential to create a secure PBN. It's also a fact that some PBNs are so poorly made that they not only don't work but can also be counterproductive to your SEO strategy. That's why it's always worth investing time in finding the best PBN hosting provider.

If the PBN owner and the PBN hosting service provider have done their homework, there should be no reliable way to tell a PBN site from any other typical site. Identifying private blog network sites at scale is almost impossible if the PBN is done right.

However, a series of "footprints" can give away the nature of the sites to a sophisticated investigator if you use the wrong PBN host. That's why choosing a quality PBN host is vital. We always stay on the cutting edge of PBN creation and hosting and have hosted over a hundred thousand PBN sites since 2014.

Yes - and we're obviously biased, but many customers that have been with us since the launch in 2014 would enthusiastically confirm that. If you choose a capable PBN hosting provider and you have the know-how to utilize the private blog network, the potential benefits far outweigh the costs.

Creating a private blog network is pretty straightforward but tedious to get right. There isn't too much you need to know to get started, but it will take a lot of time and effort to make a PBN that produces great results. Here are the basic steps:

First, search for and purchase domains that expired or are on auction. Ideally, these domains had some content on them in the past that you can restore.

Second, explore PBN hosting solutions to find the one that fits your needs and hosting budget. When you choose a blog network hosting provider, remember that you get what you pay for, so it's worth investing in specialized PBN hosting providers, like Easy Blog Networks, to get the best results for PBNs.

Once the sites are hosted, restore any content you can, create more of your own content, and start linking to target sites to increase their rankings.

Lastly, repeat that process dozens or hundreds of times. This process can be either tedious and long or only long but much less tedious with the right PBN hosting solution.

Unfortunately, there's no fast and beginner-friendly way to building and hosting high-quality private network blogs.

Managed hosting means different things to different hosting providers. For Easy Blog Networks, managed hosting means helping you handle everything from the setup to the maintenance and upkeep of your Private Blog Network.

Your PBN blogs hosted with Easy Blog Networks are automatically updated. We also perform daily backups for your PBN to make restoring a blog effortless, and we provide 1-click blog installation with fully randomized credentials and a mailbox for your sites.

WordPress blog hosting is the only option. WordPress allows us to provide a feature-rich PBN hosting experience at a reasonable price while still providing enough resource flexibility to users.

It's also the most popular blog platform online, making it the best option to hide with the rest of the blogs on the internet.

SEO hosting services typically use a single hosting company or a private hosting server, offering less diversity. This makes it easy for blogs to be identified as part of a network.

SEO hosting, the way we approach it, is designed to remove any possible footprints and keep PBNs safe from detection. Although the terms SEO hosting and PBN hosting are used interchangeably, our new method is better understood as PBN hosting.

Good PBN hosting uses multiple brand-name hosting providers, multiple IP addresses, and a wide range of other solutions to avoid disclosing the nature of your private blog network.


Natural hosting profile and zero footprints

One click installation

Install blogs with literally 1-click

autopilot maintenance

Set and forget - autopilot maintenance

Free Blog transfers

100% free blogs transfer to EBN

Technical Support

Friendly expert support in case you need help

Start taking full advantage of the easiest, 100% autopilot solution for building, hosting, and managing private blog networks.

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five stars 97.9% users would recommend EBN to their friend
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