There are a number of factors that the Google algorithm looks into to determine your page rank on specific keywords. Backlinks are an important signal to Google to determine whether your website is credible and trustworthy, as they are links that appear on websites other than your own that drive users to your webpage.

The best backlinks for SEO are ones from high-authority websites that you earn without having to pay for them. Unfortunately, those are also the rarest backlinks and they’re completely out of your control. 

Much more common are paid backlinks that you’ll get by coming to an agreement with other online publishers and webmasters. But it’s important to get the kind of links that will give you value for the money you spend on them. 

The value of a link is directly proportional to the authority of the site it’s coming from. A site’s authority is loosely determined by how many backlinks are pointing to it, how well-established it is, how much content it has, and how well that content performs. Although there’s no consensus on this term, most search engine marketing tools have a proprietary metric that boils it down to a scale from 1-100.

Backlinks from sites with high authority will do more for your SEO than backlinks from low-authority sites. It’s not much more complicated than that. However, there are way

While it is worth it to build links, organic link building is very challenging and takes time and effort before you see any results. In addition, traditional link-building strategies may not always work when it comes to local SEO.  

Some companies and marketing agencies resort to paid links for SEO  which are pretty much standard practice at this point. 

Backlink strategies to Win in Local SEO

If you own and operate a business that relies on local customers, there are certain actions you can take to improve your website’s popularity with this audience:

Get Listed on Local Business Directories

Submit your name, address, and phone number (NAP) to local directories, including the Better Business Bureau, Whitepages, and Yelp. Be aware that some directories may ask for a fee to list your business.

Be on Top of Google Maps Searches 

When people look for information about local businesses, many consider the top searches highlighted on Google Maps in their purchasing decisions. 

One way to secure a place on top is to claim and complete your Google Business Profile. Google will cross-check this information with details on your website as well as other local directories and resources. Include photos and regularly update your profile. Images get more engagement so pictures can help boost your ranking further.

Encourage previous customers to leave a review. Testimonials showcase how your business helped customers and establish the credibility and legitimacy of your business. Respond to comments whether they are positive or negative–this shows that your company is committed to ensuring the best customer experience possible and that issues are addressed. Use their feedback to continue to improve your products and services.  

Engage the Local Press

Being a resource for a local journalist and asking for backlinks is a great opportunity, not only to get media exposure, but to improve your search page ranking, as well. This may require a bit of effort in terms of outreach. It pays to first build a relationship with news writers by engaging them on social media and proving your credibility as an authority on the topic or as an industry expert. Some news outfits accept the submission of press releases. You can also consider writing an op-ed piece for their editorial page.

Leverage Sponsorship Opportunities 

If you find a cause or event by a local non-profit worth supporting, consider becoming one of their sponsors. Articles and promotional materials related to their campaigns can earn you backlinks to your webpage.

Promote Your Business on Social Media 

Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn have high domain authority. Choose platforms that your target audience frequents. Consistently update your accounts in line with your business goals. Don’t forget to make sure that your NAP is correct and updated so Google can validate your information on the search engine. 

In Summary

Local backlinks can help you drive targeted and relevant traffic to your website, but getting your desired results can be painstakingly slow. A great alternative to organic backlink building is to create private blog networks. These are networks of sites that are built to generate external links to your website, boosting your domain authority and improving your page rankings. You don’t need to worry about the hassle and expense of moving your blogs from one host to another, the hosting service will take care of the whole process.