Search engine optimization (SEO) hosting is a subcategory of web hosting that caters to people, usually SEO professionals, who manage multiple sites. 

SEO hosting providers offer a series of features built-in with the service that make managing several web properties easier, safer, and more effective. With SEO hosting, site owners and managers can boost their SEO strategies with better backlink profiles that generate higher search engine rankings, which can translate into more organic traffic and sales or conversions.

What Is SEO Hosting?

To better understand SEO hosting, it’s important to first grasp the concept of web hosting. Web hosting is the storage of website data in web servers, allowing your site to be accessible to all users over the Internet. 

A website owner uploads website data from their local computer to a web server, which then uses its resources, such as RAM, hard drive, and bandwidth, to provide access to that data.

SEO hosting is an SEO-focused web hosting strategy that facilitates the hosting of one or multiple websites across multiple Internet Protocol (IP addresses, which identifies information sent on a network) in one server, maximizing the effects of shared hosting on SEO, as it presents them as individual domains. This allows site owners to optimize site management and increase the site’s search engine rankings.

How Does SEO Hosting Work?

SEO hosting is done through an SEO hosting provider like Easy Blog Networks. The service will host a client’s website on unique blocks of IP addresses on a single server, allowing them to interlink while being ranked independently by search engines and run by the same webmaster.

Benefits of SEO Hosting

SEO hosting is most beneficial to SEO professionals, but it’s also a worthwhile strategy for large enterprises managing multiple websites. Here are some benefits of SEO hosting:

Diverse IP Addresses

Several SEO strategies, particularly those that involve producing backlinks, fail because they are tagged as violating SEO rules. When done with a reliable SEO hosting provider, SEO hosting can be a safe and effective way to improve SEO through backlinks thanks to diverse IP addresses. Search engines won’t tag you as performing suspicious behavior, allowing you to build your backlink profile without worry.

Easy Site Management

SEO hosting comes with features that make it easier to manage multiple websites on one server. This means you can get a glimpse of all your addresses in one place, easily keeping tabs on each one.

Geography-Based SEO

Search engines rank websites based on their IP address’s geographic location–this means that if you’re headquartered in New York with an IP address in the city, your website will likely rank higher for those in the same area. SEO hosting can host websites on multiple IP addresses in different locations, so your properties can even come up on international searches.

How SEO Hosting Affects SEO

SEO hosting is designed to support an entity’s SEO efforts. Here’s how it can boost your site’s SERP performance and generate more traffic, sales, and conversions:

Better Site Performance

One of the main purposes of web hosting is to improve a site’s performance. This is why you must choose the best web hosting provider that can guarantee high uptime, fast loading speeds, automatic backups, and robust web security. All of these will improve the user experience, which will signal to search engines that you’re a high-quality site worthy of recommendation.

Rich Backlink Profile

SEO hosting is a great way to build a rich backlink profile as you can host several sites, such as private blog networks, that you can use to link back to the main site. With a tried-and-tested SEO hosting provider like Easy Blog Networks, you can do this with ease and the peace of mind that nothing will be tagged as illegitimate.

Seamless User Experience Across Websites

Since SEO hosting allows you to manage different websites in a single webmaster platform, you can conveniently incorporate the same user experience throughout your entities.

Easy Blog Networks: The Best SEO Hosting Service

When getting into SEO hosting, the most important thing to consider is your service provider. You must be sure that they can guarantee great performance and high-level security to keep your sites working well and securely. Consider the servers they use, checking to see if they’re reputable and reliable. Additionally, do some research (i.e. look at reviews and testimonials) to check if the promises of the service provider live up to what they offer.

Easy Blog Networks is one of the best SEO hosting providers out there. Their next-level services come with easy installation, autopilot maintenance, and zero footprints, giving you an easy, safe, and effective head start to SEO hosting.