Private Blog Network (PBN) link building is the process of enhancing your website’s organic ranking power and visibility on search engines using a network of blogs and sites developed solely for that purpose. 

You can create a PBN if you want to have direct control over your links or you can purchase links from PBNs that are willing to admit selected users into the network. As their name implies, private blog networks need to be careful about where and how they link to avoid detection. 

You can create your PBN using expired domains relevant to your area of specialization. When you’re creating your network, it’s important to choose PBN domain names that are authoritative in your niche so that they can make your site an authority in your category. In this article, we’ll dive further into PBN link building and how it works.

What Is a PBN?

A PBN is a network of blogs and websites that are exclusively developed for link-building purposes–the websites and blogs in your PBN will only link to your money website to influence its authority in search engines. When creating your PBN, it’s important to follow the right criteria for PBN domains so that you only include legitimate domains that will boost your site’s ranking power without raising Google’s suspicion.

Remember that although it’s not illegal to use PBNs to improve your website’s organic search visibility, Google sees it as spam. Therefore, your money website might be penalized for using a PBN, especially if the linking and hosting aren’t done properly. If you don’t understand how PBNs should be hosted, you should check out our recent PBN domain hosting guide to better understand what it entails.

Essentially, a trusted web hosting service provider like Easy Blog Networks should host your PBN domains and should understand the important role played by PBNs. Your hosting service provider should also be familiar with the zero-footprint principle and how to execute it to help you avoid Google’s penalization for spamming and manipulative link building.

How PBN Link Building Works

To appreciate how PBN links work and how effective they are in boosting your website’s ranking power, you have to understand the significance of backlinks in general and the authority of websites. Backlinks are external links from other sites linking back to your website. Ordinarily, backlinks should occur naturally when other people link back to your site when they like your content.

Therefore, you must always strive to create relevant, authoritative, informative, and interesting content for your website so that other sites can link back to your site to help their users get more useful information. This is how your website becomes an authority in your niche–the more external links your website acquires, the more influence it has, and the higher it’s likely to rank for searches related to your niche.

PBNs function in the same way as natural backlinks, but PBNs are created solely for backlinking purposes. So, instead of waiting for other websites to link back to your website naturally, you can use PBN links to create the impression that your money site is an authority in the subject matter.

One of Google’s ranking factors is backlinks, and it views the links as a vote of confidence by people who have visited your site. So, when people search for information related to what is on your site, Google will notice your site and rank it higher than your competitors. Still, you have to be careful with your PBN links, as it’s very easy for Google reviewers to notice unnatural backlinks.

There are many ways to make your PBN links less suspicious. First, you must choose genuine domains–there are so many dishonest domains being touted as genuine PBN domains. Using such links puts you at risk of being penalized by Google.

So, before you purchase any expired domain, check its credibility and consider using domains and domain names that have already established their authority on the internet. This makes it easier for you to convince Google that the backlinks are legitimate and that your website is indeed an authority on the subject matter. 

Finally, choose a trusted PBN hosting service provider, such as Easy Blog Networks, that can help you to eliminate all footprints that will likely be created by the usage of PBN links.