Link building is a popular search engine optimization (SEO) practice that involves acquiring one-way hyperlinks or backlinks to a webpage to increase the search engine rankings of that page or website. Link building is often considered an overwhelming task as it involves reaching out to websites in your niche to certify your content and business.

Link-building tools ease the process of gathering the highest quality backlinks in your niche. As such, choosing the right link building tools becomes crucial for finding and placing high-quality links that can make a difference to your rankings. 

There are hundreds of link building tools and paid link building services, but we’ll only cover tools that offer the best results.

  1. BuzzStream

If you are planning a massive email outreach, BuzzStream is the best tool you can use. You can use Buzzstream to manage, organize, personalize, track, and send emails all in one place. It also works as a Chrome extension and accepts Ahrefs CSV exports for seamless email outreach. 

If you have multiple members of staff sending emails in a campaign, Buzzstream makes it as seamless as it can get by creating a shared room. There is also an integrated CRM so your team can keep in sync from start to finish of your campaign.


While this tool isn’t directly used in link building, is the best tool for finding contact info. If you want to embark on email campaigns, Hunter is the tool to use. pulls data from several different sources to give you accurate contact information on domains, companies, and individuals. 

The process takes only a few seconds and you can save your results using a Google Sheets add-on when retrieving emails at a large scale. can also be used to verify the accuracy of an email address.

  1. Semrush

This is another great all-in-one SEO tool used in generating valuable marketing insights regarding link building. Semrush can be used to get insight into website traffic sorted according to geographic region. In addition to its top drawer link building services, you can also use Semrush for backlink analytics and auditing.

  1. Ahrefs

Popularly known as the world’s largest backlink index, with more than three trillion live backlinks. Ahrefs offers a very solid keyword research tool, a content explorer, SEO rank tracking features, and technical SEO site audits. Ahrefs not only allows you to download backlinks using Site Explorer, but the Link Intersect feature also lets you see which sites link to your competitor but not you. Ahrefs starts at $99 per month.

  1. Broken Link Builder

Designed by Citation Labs, Broken Link Builder is a must-have tool if you want to adopt the broken link building strategy. Broken Link Builder allows you to easily find broken links and the sites that are pointing to those links.

  1. URL Profiler

Often, the best link building strategy can be obtained from insights into the strategies of industry leaders. By simply pasting the websites of your competitors into URL Profiler, you get a wide array of metrics and data associated with those URLs.

  1. HARO

Help a Reporter Out (HARO) is one of the top tools used to gain free media coverage and usually backlinks. HARO is an online platform where journalists find credible and authoritative sources to back up their stories by connecting them to experts. Users can provide pitches to relevant requests from journalists in return for citations and backlinks. 


While these tools are capable of turning in the results, they alone cannot offer the solution to your link building. When used in sync with the best link-building strategy designed for your enterprise through a platform like Easy Blog Networks, you can get results compared to paid link building services.