Link building involves actively seeking out backlinks from another website back to yours. Links are an important ranking metric in search engine optimization (SEO) because search engines like Google use links from one site to another as “votes of confidence” to rank authoritative and trustworthy websites. 

Link building services are companies that specialize in finding and securing backlink placements for your site. This is usually done by promoting your website content through manual outreach to as many relevant websites as possible.

Because backlinks are so important in search results rankings, people have come up with different strategies and methods of getting these links for websites. Some of these strategies are considered black hat because they breach Google’s guidelines for how links ought to be earned for your site.

Rather than build links from scratch, these black hat strategies allow people to instantly boost their search engine metrics by buying backlinks.

Best Link Building Services

This list contains the best link building tools you can use to accelerate the number of backlinks to your website without worrying about breaching search engine guidelines.

  1. Link Building Companies

There are specialist link building agencies that adopt multiple link building strategies at their disposal to help clients build high-quality backlinks to their websites. They employ experts throughout the process of link building, and in some cases, they can develop a custom link building strategy for your website. This option works best for people who want higher SEO metrics, but don’t want to be directly involved in the process. However, this can be an expensive venture to embark on.

  1. Outreach Services and Digital PR

There are several link-building outreach platforms that can help you find bloggers and websites in your niche that you can email and connect with to try and earn high-quality backlinks. Outreach and digital PR services can help you channel the time spent on prospecting, emailing, and chasing leads for link building into generating high-quality content.

  1. Guest Posting Services

Companies that offer this link building service not only find websites that accept guest posts, but many would also help you in making a pitch, talking with their editors, and even writing the post to get them published. These are paid services that charge a flat fee per guest post depending on the website’s Domain Authority.

  1. HARO

“Help a Reporter” is one of the more popular link-building services as it connects journalists seeking experts with knowledge in a given subject matter. For every story you get chosen, you automatically get a backlink to your site.

  1. Competitor Analysis

Knowing what the highest-ranked websites in your niche are doing can provide insights into areas you can improve. These platforms and companies perform thorough analyses of your competitors’ backlink profiles. In addition to providing link-building opportunities for your website, these services often provide data you can use to develop your SEO link-building strategy.

  1. PR Agencies

A PR agency would work with you to create a newsworthy story or content they can pitch to media outlets leading your niche. While the cost varies depending on the terms agreed, a successful PR campaign can earn you backlinks from the biggest domains in your niche.

  1. Broken Link Building

Instead of paying for backlinks, providers of this SEO tactic scour the internet to identify, repurpose, or create content, as well as to replace backlinks to a dead URL with one pointing to a live page on your own website. Leveraging link reclamation has been proven to be one of the fastest ways to drive high-quality backlinks to a website.

Final Thoughts

Link-building services are a reliable way to secure backlinks for your site. It’s just a matter of figuring out if the price of the links is worth the SEO value they provide, which will depend on your industry and competition. 

For more control over your backlinks, private blog networks are an excellent alternative. Instead of relying on other webmasters to place backlinks to your site, you can own a network of sites that you can create and curate for the express purpose of creating valuable links.