Many things encompass search engine optimization (SEO). Google uses a set of algorithms that are ever-changing, and if you find yourself on the wrong side of those algorithms, your rankings can drop precipitously. In this article, we are going to investigate the question, is SEO hosting worth it?

What Is SEO Hosting?

Before discussing the value of SEO hosting, we first have to understand web hosting for SEO

SEO hosting is a type of hosting that’s geared towards improving a website’s ranking to generate more leads and eventually, sales. To achieve this feat, a hosting service provider uses different C IP addresses to run the same webmasters and be linked like different entities on search engines. Because of this, SEO hosting works best for organizations or individuals running one or a few websites.

Type C IP Class and Its Importance to SEO Hosting

If you run different websites and link them, you can be doing a disservice to your overall rankings because only the first link will be ranked. On the other hand, hosting different websites on different C blocks helps rank the links independently, protecting your SEO ranking. Hosting your website with Class C IP addresses means you’ll receive unique IP addresses around the globe.

What Are the Benefits of SEO Hosting?

Now that we’ve had a glimpse of what SEO hosting is, let’s delve into how SEO hosting provides value.

Enjoy SEO Rankings Internationally

Search engines use your geographical location to rank websites based on their current IP address. If the content you’re publishing is relevant to your geographical location, you’re bound to receive more traffic. 

SEO hosting allows your website to appear in different IP address locations, which can help you benefit from international business.

Avoid Google Penalties

Google rankings do not favor websites that are stored on the same C-block. When websites are stored this way, each of the websites can be penalized when Google analyzes one of the links and finds a discrepancy. Storing different websites on different C-blocks prevents all the websites from being penalized when one of the websites is at fault.

Local SEO

Local SEO works the same way as international SEO by helping websites that have a local IP address to rank higher on search engines. 

Of course, C-Class hosting affects SEO in a few ways, one of which is by allowing websites to be individually ranked so there are no consequences to the other websites if one of them is penalized.