Web hosting refers to the storage of web files on online servers to facilitate instant remote access to websites. It’s a must for any online property, and choosing the right one can mean the difference between a good website and a bad one. 

Typically, your options fall between a dedicated hosting server or a shared hosting server. While the former brings many benefits, it’s costly and requires a lot of maintenance, so most business owners opt for shared hosting. 

One of the best shared hosting strategies is SEO hosting, where you get all the basics of a regular shared hosting package, plus a series of features built in to make managing many web properties easier and safer.

What Is SEO Hosting?

SEO hosting is a web hosting strategy designed for search engine optimization. It enables you to host multiple websites across different Internet Protocol (IP) addresses in a shared server, allowing you to manage several properties efficiently and ultimately increase your main site’s search engine results page (SERP) ranking.

How Does SEO Hosting Work?

SEO hosting is done through an SEO hosting provider like Easy Blog Networks. The service will host a client’s website on unique blocks of IP addresses on a single server, allowing them to interlink while being ranked independently by search engines and run by the same webmaster.

How Does SEO Hosting Work?

Much like other web hosting services, you’ll need an SEO hosting provider like Easy Blog Networks for SEO hosting. The provider will host your website(s) on unique blocks of IP addresses on a shared server, which allows them to interlink and is managed by the same webmaster while being ranked independently by search engines.

Benefits of SEO Hosting

SEO hosting gives you everything you need from a regular web hosting provider—and more. Here are some key benefits you’ll enjoy:

SEO Support

Being designed to help you improve your SERP performance, SEO hosting is a great secret weapon to boost your SEO strategies. It allows you to build a rich backlink profile through multiple websites on different IP addresses, leaving zero footprints to be tagged as suspicious. It also enables you to enhance both international and local SEO. Hosting in a different country affects SEO and may limit your reach, but with SEO hosting, you get a diverse set of IP addresses from different places for your websites, and you won’t be limited to one location.

Site Management

One of the biggest advantages of SEO hosting is that it comes with tools and features that make it easier to manage multiple websites. With everything on one server, you can get a glimpse of all your entities in one place and even incorporate the same experience across different ones.

Site Performance

With a good SEO hosting provider like Easy Blog Networks, you get high-performing websites—ones with fast loading speeds, guaranteed uptimes, and reliable security. Site performance is one of the top ranking factors for SEO, so having these can improve your SERP ranking even further.

Who Uses SEO Hosting?

SEO hosting is beneficial for SEO professionals who manage several websites as part of their client’s SEO strategy, but it’s a great choice for all types of businesses, big or small. For example, SEO hosting for startups enables new enterprises to get their name on the market and increase their reach while also benefiting large corporations that need a more efficient way to manage multiple online properties while maintaining a consistent user experience across the board.

The Best SEO Hosting Provider

Choosing the best SEO hosting provider is key to maximizing the benefits of SEO-focused shared hosting. Easy Blog Networks, the world’s leading SEO host, is a safe, reliable, and bang-for-your-buck choice. Their next-generation services can host up to 500 websites on a variety of A-, B-, and C-Class IP addresses from a different reputable web hosting providers—all with zero footprints.