Search engine optimization (SEO) is important for any business with an online presence, particularly startups. The strategy puts your brand on the map, making it easier to reach potential customers and clients. 

There are many factors that affect SEO, including web hosting, or the process of storing your website data online to be remotely accessed by users. It influences your website’s speed and technical performance, which is an important factor for some search engines. 

There are many web hosting providers out there, including SEO hosting companies such as Easy Blog Networks that specialize in providing bulk SEO-friendly hosting for multiple properties,, and you need to choose the right one to build, maintain, and scale effective SEO campaigns.

What Is SEO Hosting?

The meaning of SEO hosting is an SEO-focused web hosting strategy that facilitates the hosting of one or more websites across multiple Internet Protocol (IP addresses) in a shared server. It fulfills the basic needs of a web hosting service, but it’s designed to support your SEO efforts, including the management of several websites.

SEO hosting is done through an SEO hosting company like Easy Blog Networks, which hosts your website on unique blocks of IP addresses on a server, allowing them to interlink while being ranked independently by search engines and run by a single manager.

How SEO Hosting Benefits Startups

SEO hosting benefits startups because it kick-starts a rich backlink profile, boosts local and international SEO, and delivers a seamless user experience for multiple related websites. Here’s why you should trust SEO hosting:

Rich Backlink Profile

SEO hosting helps you create a rich backlink profile, as it allows you to host several sites, including private blog networks, that you can use to build up your main site. With a reliable SEO hosting provider like Easy Blog Networks, you can do this safely and effectively, with the peace of mind that your activity won’t be tagged as suspicious behavior thanks to diverse A, B, and C-class IP addresses.

Geography-Based SEO

Search engines often rank websites based on proximity–this means your SEO efforts might be limited to where your IP address is located, which can be unfortunate for startups looking to serve a more global market. With SEO hosting, you can host websites with IP addresses in different places, so your websites can even appear on local and international searches.

Better Site Performance

With a good SEO hosting provider, you get better site performance, such as fast loading times, guaranteed high uptimes, and automatic back-ups, which will signal to search engines that your website is something they should recommend to users. You also get features that make it easier to manage several websites and incorporate the same user experience throughout all addresses.

What to Look For in an SEO Hosting Provider

Many website owners worry about the effects of shared hosting on SEO, which you may experience with SEO hosting. That said, if you carefully choose the best SEO hosting provider, you won’t have to worry about a thing. You can simply enjoy your high-performing website boosted with SEO. Here are some things to consider:


Site performance is one of the most important ranking factors for SEO. Slow websites that are always down or buggy due to traffic surges will rank lower on SERPs. Choose an SEO hosting provider that can promise optimal speeds, close to 100% uptimes and fast support should there be any issues.

Back-ups and Security

An SSL (secure sockets layer) certificate ensures that users (and search engines) won’t be hacked or stolen when a website is in use. This has become a necessity for all websites, along with automatic back-ups that guarantee you’ll never lose your data should something unexpected happen. Be sure to choose an SEO hosting provider that offers these two non-negotiable security measures.


Check reviews and testimonials of any SEO hosting service provider to see whether they live up to their advertised offerings and services. See if their past clients have enjoyed their services, and thoroughly review if they have what you’re looking for.

Easy Blog Networks: The Best SEO Hosting Provider for Startups

Easy Blog Networks is a leading SEO hosting provider that allows all types of businesses and professionals to host SEO-optimized websites while building and supporting their SEO efforts. You get easy installation or 100% free site migrations from any host and up to 500 unique, no-footprint IPs from different trusted web hosting providers, taking SEO hosting services to the next level.