A private blog network (PBN) is a network of authoritative websites used to build backlinks. These links are used to influence the authority of a particular website, improving its organic search visibility or, in other words, pushing up its search engine ranking. Using PBNs is an easy way to have full control over your link-building strategy, but only if you do it the right way—by using secure hosting for PBNs like Easy Blog Networks.

How Does a Private Blog Network Work?

PBNs work by purchasing a collection of domains that have established authority, such as expired domains, closeout domains (before expiry), or auction domains. These are then hosted on a PBN host (it’s essential to know how to find PBN hosts that can leave no footprints like Easy Blog Networks) to get good IP diversity. Once the blogs are set up, owners can restore and add new content to these sites, then link them back to the central website.

Why Are Backlinks Important?

Understanding PBNs starts with knowing the importance of backlinks. A backlink is a link from another site that points to your own website (in some cases, even social media backlinks count for SEO). This shows that the other site sees you as credible, so much so that they’re associating your content with theirs. 

Search engines value authority as one of their criteria for awarding higher search rankings. The more backlinks you have, the more trustworthy your sight is seen and the higher the likelihood of achieving higher search visibility.

Why People Use Private Blog Networks

PBNs give you better control over your link-building efforts, allowing you to better steer your performance. Here are two advantages of using PBNs:

Easier Link Building

Link building is no easy feat. It takes time and a lot of effort engaging in email outreach, digital PR, reclaiming links, and building resource links. There’s little guarantee that the work you’ve put in will result in higher rankings, but with a good PBN strategy, you can easily get multiple authoritative backlinks in a small amount of time with little effort. For example, three PBNs generating five links each means fifteen secured backlinks for your site.

Better Control of Anchor Text

Anchor text helps search engines understand the context of web pages so they can be ranked for the right keywords. With common link-building strategies, it’s difficult to define the anchor text of backlinks. With PBNs, you can create links with keyword-rich anchor text that will help boost your central site’s ranking for target search terms.

Risks of Using Private Blog Networks

Many people tout the risks of using private blog networks, but most of these can be avoided when you use a trusted PBN hosting service like Easy Blog Networks. Otherwise, you risk search engines ignoring your backlinks or, worse, demoting your site’s ranking. Here are some risks to look out for: 

Links Can Be Ignored

If search engines suspect that the links you generate from PBNs are unnatural, they’ll completely ignore them. This won’t affect your site’s ranking, but could be a waste of time and resources.

Possibility of Penalty

Search engines can flag your website for using too many unnatural links when you use PBNs without a good PBN hosting service. In this case, the search engine can demote a part of your page or your whole website—or worse, remove it from the index completely.

Do Private Blog Networks Work?

Private blog networks can be a fantastic asset, which is why many people still use them to improve their website’s search rankings. If you create PBNs using a leading PBN hosting service like Easy Blog Networks, you can easily steer clear of any possible risks.

Thanks to a completely natural hosting profile, zero footprints, and multiple cloud hosting providers, Easy Blog Networks provides you with safe hosting and allows you to enjoy all the advantages of PBNs without the worry.