As you endeavor to enhance your website’s search engine optimization (SEO), you have to think about the most effective strategies that will improve your site’s search engine ranking without costing you an arm and a leg. Without a doubt, backlinks are an important tool for search engines and websites looking to improve their SEO.

When you are building backlinks for your site, you have two main options to consider: private blog networks (PBN) and natural backlinks. Before you decide which of these options is best for you, you need to understand the two options. This article tells you everything you need to know about PBN links and natural link-building services.

What Are Private Blog Networks?

PBNs are very popular among website owners and SEO agencies because they’ve proven to be effective at improving search engine rankings. A PBN is a network of privately owned websites that can be used to place outbound links to individual websites, and these blogs come in different forms and sizes.

If you do not want to spend a lot of money on a massive PBN, you can purchase a collection of small and low-cost domains with good backlinks and restore their content. If you have a large budget for this type of SEO strategy, however, you should buy real blogs and websites that actively post new content. Real blogs and sites are frequently sought out by SEO companies looking to promote other sites and brands.

If you are wondering where or how to find PBN domains for link building, dozens of platforms offer expired domains, including public auctions and online marketplaces. There are many reliable hosting companies like Easy Blog Networks that offer safe WordPress PBN hosting, and guarantee reliable, footprint-free hosting services for PBN domains.

It’s easy to build a private blog network provided you fully understand the overall concept. You need to identify valuable, expired domains with good backlinks, buy them, and host them on a safe PBN host. Make sure the hosting company offers you diverse IP addresses so that your PBN doesn’t get detected easily, then restore the previous content on each site and add new content. Give the sites a few weeks before you start linking them to your website for SEO. In terms of how many PBN links are needed to rank, there isn’t a definitive number of links, but experts recommend ten PBN links for ranking an average competition keyword.

Natural Link Building

Using a natural link-building strategy for your site’s SEO means that you have to wait for bloggers and other website owners to find your web pages and link to them. This approach can take a long time to affect your site rank, because you not only need to produce content that is useful and relevant to readers, but you must also convince webmasters and bloggers to link to your content.

Natural link building also requires you to spend time and resources updating your website and sharing it on social media in order to reach other website owners and bloggers that may be interested in linking to your new content.  

PBN links offer fast SEO ranking results and are relatively affordable compared to natural link building. However, they need high-quality content and healthy domains that have a positive history. Natural link building, on the other hand, doesn’t put your site at risk of getting deindexed by Google, but it takes longer to deliver ranking results.