Did you know that using expired domains can be an easy way to boost your business? Nowadays, almost every company needs to have an online presence, but accumulating traffic can be a tedious task. One easy way to gain traffic is by using expired domains.

There is an array of ways you can use expired domains for SEO strategy to improve traffic and clicks. Using expired domains is a great way of improving your backlink profile, and it can be a very effective way to attain high-quality backlinks that can increase your site’s authority, resulting in higher traffic.

What Are Expired Domains?

Domains are typically purchased on an annual subscription basis rather than as a one-time purchase. Most successful websites attract a large number of links throughout their existence, but when a domain is closed due to nonpayment or when a business closes, the domain and all associated links become available for purchase. Many people buy expired domains to redirect traffic to their website, hoping the extra backlinks will boost their ranking on Google.

Starting a Successful Website

After building your business or personal website, your primary concern is making it rank better on Google search results. This can take a lot of time, especially for new sites, as websites have to gain authority–so there’s a period where sites are not ranked at all. This period is called the Google Sandbox.

There’s a way to bypass the Google Sandbox by using expired SEO domains. If you build your site on top of an existing expired domain, you inherit the previous domain’s authority and the trust of the Google index. This method isn’t it isn’t guaranteed to work, but when it does, it’s effective.

Purchasing the Domain to Source Links

To properly unlock the potential of an expired domain, it has to be relevant to the content of your website. After you buy a relevant domain for your site, it’s time to put it to good use by using it to source links.

This is especially useful if the expired domain already has a strong backlink profile. Reach out to all the webmasters from all the sites where the site is linked, inform them that they’re linking to an expired site, and ask them if they’re willing to offer a link to your site instead. Although not everyone is going to agree, this technique is proven to work very often.

Creating Personal Blog Networks

One of the most popular ways to use expired domains is through private blog networks—PBNs. A PBN is a collection of websites created to help a targeted website improve its Google search ranking and is typically set up with content similar to that of the expired domain.

To create a PBN, you must first register an expired domain and set up an online blog. While setting up your site, remember that it should appear to be an authentic blog.

Building a PBN is more expensive than broken link building because you must develop and host websites, but a benefit is that you will be able to sell links on your PBN. Using PBNs is risky, however, as they are against Google’s policies. As a result, your website may be revoked or you may face a penalty.

Redirecting Expired Domains to Your Website

After finding a relevant expired domain with high-quality backlinks, you can redirect that domain to your website. This also boosts your site’s authority, making it easier to rank on Google search results.

In Summary

There are many ways to use expired domains to boost your site’s traffic. If you follow these steps mentioned above, you can potentially skyrocket your website traffic overnight, and if you want to dive deeper into these techniques, check out our recent article on how to scrape for expired domains.