Guest posting is often regarded as one of the best ways of getting high-quality backlinks from other websites, which can further improve your website’s search engine optimization (SEO), leading to higher rankings in search engine results pages.

However, while it is a great way to get backlinks and help build relationships with other bloggers and websites, guest posting is just one of the tools you should keep in your link-building toolbox. Are there other ways to effectively get backlinks without guest posting? Yes!

Methods and strategies that include paying for links violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. So, for this list, we’re looking at tactics that, at least on paper, adhere to Google’s guidelines about link schemes. 

Post Original Research

One of the top strategies for building backlinks without paying or guest posting is to post original research. When you post relevant research data that isn’t found on other websites, the chances are very high that they will be cited by others in your niche. 

Conducting surveys, producing case studies, and analyzing industry data allows you to post original research that yields high-quality backlinks . While conducting original research doesn’t take forever, you can hire the services of freelancers for the task.

Create Infographics

Like original research, infographics are a sure way to get high-quality backlinks. Unique charts and graphs with original data, diagrams visually explaining complex topics, and one-page templates are easy to reference. Creating infographics for trending topics and frequently asked questions are a great way to earn more backlinks.

When you create original infographics, add an embed code at the bottom to make it easy for others to place it on their websites, or a add watermark using your URL so that people know where and how to link your website.

Improve Quantity and Quality of Content

There’s no better way to build backlinks than having quality content that makes others want to share. Quality content not only ensures you get backlinks but also helps you to build a following for your brand.

Content that strikes a chord with readers is more likely to generate engagement and encourage sharing. 

Websites with the most backlinks post more frequently than their competitors. However, when writing posts for your website, focus on SEO keywords. In addition, when you have a good amount of great-quality content, you can interlink posts on your website to create a network of internal backlinks.

Promotions and Sponsorships

Creating quality content doesn’t always guarantee high-quality backlinks if your content doesn’t reach the desired audience. To get your content the recognition it deserves, you can employ email campaigns and promotions for your best articles. 

Interview Popular Figures in Your Niche

Interviews are another great way to get backlinks. You can interview a popular figure or an influencer (preferably in your niche) to endorse your brand and get high-quality backlinks. The interview can be centered on trending topics or trends in your niche for better results.

Use Link Building Tools

There are many link building tools with which you can earn free backlinks without paying for them. Some of these tools connect experts to journalists who are in search of information.

Build a Brand

While the other ways focus on what you can do, these are not the only ways to earn backlinks. The highest-rated competitors in your niche get the most backlinks simply because they are more well-known. So, while you dedicate time and resources to the things you can do to earn backlinks, put considerable effort into building a brand that can earn you backlinks without chasing them.


There are several good ways to build high-quality backlinks to your site without needing to write a guest post. While paying for backlinks promises near-instant rankings, if you put consistent efforts into these methods, you are more than likely to earn backlinks, not just in the short-term, but also in the long run.