Backlinking remains one of the most effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. Good inbound links from authoritative sites and blogs signal to search engines like Google that other websites find your content useful to their audience. So, as your website gains more backlinks, search engines consider it a valuable source of information, thus ranking it higher on their search engine results pages (SERPs). Many people utilize safe PBN hosting services to improve their rankings, but there are multiple paths to success.

How do you get highly authoritative sites to link back to your website? There are many ways of encouraging authority sites to link to your website–let’s explore the options.

What Is Backlinking?

Backlinking refers to the practice of linking one website to another. Backlinks are meant to direct audiences from one site or blog to a web resource—a website, a blog, a web page, or a web directory. In short, you can think of backlinks as references, or as a conversation between websites.

There are two main types of backlinks: a No-Follow backlink and a Do-Follow backlink. A No-Follow backlink doesn’t offer any value to the web resource and therefore it won’t be recognized by search engines. A Do-Follow link is a healthy link that adds value to a web resource by helping it to rank better. As long as the backlink comes from an authoritative website or blog, it will be recognized by search engines and help the site rank higher on SERPs.

How to Get Backlinks from Authoritative Sites

Getting good backlinks isn’t an easy undertaking because you have to create unique and valuable content that other website owners and bloggers are willing to share with their audience. This is why many website owners prefer to create their own private blog network (PBN). Finding a PBN link can be an important skill, and it’s easier than you might think; however, you need a large number of PBN sites to avoid placing too many backlinks on one site and arousing suspicion.

Another issue with PBN links is how many PBN links are required to rank your site higher. On average, you’ll need about ten links to rank your competitive keyword. This means that you’ll need at least five different sites so that you can place a maximum of two PBN links on each site. A PBN is a group of expired domains with good backlinks that people will purchase, restore, and use for backlinking. If PBN links sound too complicated for you, stick to natural backlinking. Here are some of the easiest ways to get backlinks from authoritative sites:

High-Quality Content

If you want natural backlinks from authoritative sites, you need to invest a significant amount of time and resources in creating high-quality content that appeals to other website owners and bloggers. Make sure your content offers relevant information that’s valuable to a wide range of readers, which encourages more authoritative sites to link back to your site.

Outbound Links to Authority Sites

Search engines don’t just focus on inbound links–they also look for high-quality outbound links that you include in your site. These links show Google that your website is trustworthy and endeavors to help readers to find valuable content.

Guest Posting

While the idea of writing guest posts may seem old-fashioned, it’s still important to do so. Consider creating high-quality guest posts regularly and make sure to post them on authority sites with backlinks.  

Lastly, remember that natural backlinking isn’t a simple task. It’s one of the most challenging SEO strategies, but when it’s done right, it can yield impressive results. If natural backlinks are hard to come by, consider trying PBN links.