Finding private blog network (PBN) domains with FreshDrop is super simple. Create a free account on FreshDrop, set filters according to your needs, select an expired domain, analyze it, buy it, and include it in your PBN. It’s simple to do, but it isn’t always easy to guarantee that the new domain will be successful.

It takes years of experience to understand what metrics you need to narrow down your search and find the right expired domain, but the good news is that FreshDrop can reduce the effort involved in finding the perfect PBN domains by half. Before you sign up on FreshDrop, you need to have a clear idea of what you need. A PBN is a collection of multiple authoritative websites, such as blogs, that contain links to your main website or revenue-generating website.

These blogs shouldn’t be interconnected via backlinking or through content, and it’s best to choose a different niche for each blog. Once you’ve chosen your niches, you need to devise a strategy that syncs with your business goals and budget. If you’re building a PBN on a tight budget, you could opt for expired domains instead of expiring domains.

Expired domains take time to resurface, and you’ll have to wait two to three months before you can begin the backlinking process. If you have the budget, look into expiring domains. These are usually in the auctioning section of domain marketplaces. When it comes to choosing domains, some common metrics that we recommend are:

  • Referring domain (RD): This domain is another website that refers to your website.
  • Count of backlinks: This metric refers to how many sites connect to your site on their web pages. If one site refers to you on three different pages, that’s three backlinks and one referring domain. Generally, the higher the count, the better.
  • Quality of backlinks: A quality backlink is one that is difficult to replicate, such as a link to a blog, product, service, or testimonial. The quality of backlinks is more important than the number of backlinks.
  • Natural anchor text: Analyze the words that are hyperlinked. Check if they sound like spam or genuinely lead the reader to a useful resource.

It’s also important to consider buying expired domains with traffic. Ahrefs and SEMrush are tools that provide traffic analysis and reporting–keep in mind that domain-selling sites often use only top-performing data instead of average performance data to increase site values.

Make sure all of the metrics used are relevant to your needs. For example, if you’re building a PBN for your home loans website, a domain name in a lifestyle niche with asset management and accounting backlinks may be what you are looking for.

Understanding FreshDrop

FreshDrop is a search engine for expired domains. It links to many marketplaces, such as GoDaddy and ExpiredDomains, which is why it’s an excellent all-in-one resource for finding a good expired or expiring domain.

After receiving customer feedback on high pricing in its early days, the platform reduced its pricing to $32.95 per month. Moreover, you can enjoy a sixty-day risk-free trial before you have to purchase their plan, which is plenty of time to analyze the tool’s performance. Once you sign up for the free account, you’ll see a screen with a variety of filters below the search bar–this is where the research you did beforehand comes into play. Put the strategy you devised into action and adjust these filters as per your needs, and you can save your choice of filters as a template to use again later.

After choosing the right filters, browse through the results. Pick a one- or two-word domain name that’s easy to type, pronounce, and remember. You don’t need to immediately buy the domains that appeal to you; instead, you can create a list of your favorite names and spend some time checking them out. 

Finally, know that FreshDrop helps with the first and most crucial step of building a PBN—finding the perfect expired domains. It might also be useful to work with a footprint-free PBN provider, such as Easy Blog Networks. If you’re looking for another domain-finding tool, finding Domains With Scrapebox is another possibility.