Private Blog Networks (PBNs) are a great way to build links and improve your search engine ranking. Getting private blog network domains for a PBN isn’t as challenging as it may seem since domains are constantly expiring and going on the market.

The most important thing is to analyze different sites to find expired domains related to your niche, and purchase them at a reasonable price–but you have to ensure that the blogs have restorable domains, backlinks, and content to help boost your site’s ranking.

Cleaning up domains for a PBN is also important before you begin linking them to your main site to get rid of any footprints that could catch the attention of search engines, but that’s a topic for another guide. 

In this article, we’ll dive into some simple and effective tips on how to find cheap expired domains for your PBN.  

What Is a Private Blog Network?

A PBN is a network of blogs or websites developed solely for building backlinks. The network allows you to link your main website to other websites to enhance its organic search ranking and visibility. A PBN is based on the idea that the feeder websites will relay link equity back to your main site, giving it more ranking power and authority in your niche.

Some people are reluctant to use PBNs because they view them as an attempt to outwit the algorithm used by search engines to determine which sites rank higher, but the truth is that PBNs are very effective when they’re used carefully and professionally. So, there’s no problem with paid link building; there’s enough evidence to prove that PBNs work for many sites.

Furthermore, there are many effective ways to erase footprints that could tie the private domains to your network. With a reliable, footprint-free hosting service provider like Easy Blog Networks, you can boost your site’s ranking power and authority without giving the search engines any reason to doubt your traffic.

How to Find Inexpensive Expired Domains for Your PBN

With the rising demand for expired domains and the popularity of private blog networks, concerns about how to get the right expired domains for a PBN have increased tremendously. Here are the most effective ways to find expired domains:

Reverse Domains Hunt

This technique requires a domain hunting program. You simply enter your preferred domain to the program and click search to find all the useful backlinks to the domain. The program should also help you scan the backlinks to identify the ones that have expired–this method also helps you snap up domains with your keywords and links from your competitors.

Domain Auctions

Numerous online marketplaces list expired domains on sale. Therefore, you can search for the most trusted domain marketplaces on the internet for cheap expired domains. Most of these marketplaces offer expired domains with guides that contain useful metrics and statistics to help you make a choice.

Different tools and applications have been developed for this purpose, and they’ll help you hunt for expired domains automatically from the main auction sites. The entire hunting process takes a few minutes to complete, depending on the tool or app you’re using.

Scrutinizing Web2.0 and Blogging Accounts

Blogging accounts and Web2.0 sites usually have a significant number of healthy backlinks that you can use to boost your ranking. Using a domain hunting tool, you can easily find expired domains in your niche. The tool makes it easy to effortlessly identify quality Web2.0 sites and blogging accounts whose domains have expired.

Finding Websites

You can scrutinize certain websites in your niche to see if you can find expired domains. For instance, you can go through the Forbes website to see if it has any expired domains pointing to it.

Hunting Keywords

It’s possible to find expired domains by searching specific keywords from your niche. This requires you to use a domain hunting tool. You simply type in the keyword, hit the search button, and you’ll find domains from sites with the keyword.

Of course, it’s important to thoroughly research an expired domain and its history before purchasing it, as a domain with shady past usage can work against you–that’s where a reliable platform like Easy Blog Networks comes in handy!