The cost of link building depends on several factors, including the quality of the backlinks, the source of the links, and the industry you’re in. But generally, the pricing ranges between $100 and $1,500 per link; the cost of your link-building project will also depend on the type of link-building you’re doing.

For instance, if you’re planning to use natural backlinks that your website gets from blogs and other sites because of its high-quality content, the overall cost will be low because you might not be required to pay for the backlinks. Google encourages website owners to build backlinks without paying.

However, building natural backlinks is a complex process that takes time. Building natural backlinks means creating high-quality and relevant content that other website owners consider worth sharing with their audience. That might mean you have to hire a professional copywriter to create good content for you in addition to designers and other professionals to make the content attractive enough to earn backlinks.

Alternatively, you can use paid links for SEO. Although Google doesn’t condone the use of paid backlinks, it’s a widely used strategy to the point that Google adopted a qualifying attribute for backlinks that you get in exchange for a payment of some kind.

An alternative to simply paying for every link you place is to create a network of blog sites that you own and control. These private blog networks are an advanced SEO strategy that few know how to execute well, but yield fantastic results in just about every niche. 

However, you should use your PBNs sparingly, especially while you’re still learning about how to use them correctly and safely. If Google detects PBN links to your money site, it can lead to getting your PBNs deindexed, which is a huge waste of resources. So, avoid using too many backlinks with exact-match anchor text, and ensure that your PBN host doesn’t leave footprints that can easily be traced back to the same host.

With a company like Easy Blog Networks, you’ll enjoy safe hosting without having to worry about traces that can get your PBNs discovered.

What Is the Cost of Link Building?

If you’re in the finance, healthcare, or gambling industry, you might pay as high as $1,500 per link. For an easy industry like charity or gaming, you’ll pay between $250 and $350 per link. Because some tech, legal, and real estate websites might have unique requirements, the cost of building links for them tends to be slightly higher than that of charity sites. So, you might be charged between $350 and $600 per link, but you can negotiate with your link-building expert for a fair deal.

As you contemplate using link building as part of your SEO efforts, you have to make several considerations like determining the project’s overall cost and how to get a fair deal. As noted above, the cost of link building varies significantly depending on the volume and quality of links, so it’s good to estimate the cost per link in the long term.

Another major factor that determines the cost of link building is the person doing it. If you decide to build the link yourself, the price will come down tremendously because you eliminate the cost of hiring one or several link-building experts. Outsourcing your link-building tasks to experts pushes the cost up depending on the number of experts you hire.

Many link-building experts base their prices on the type of industry the client is in. This is because some industries are quite complex and require special link-building skills. For instance, the cost of building links for finance, health, or casino websites is very high compared to that of a charity, tech, gaming, or real estate website.