Due to issues with similar plugins, we decided to create our own spider/crawler blocker plugin, called Spider Blocker. It’s completely free, open-source and without footprints. You can easily add it to each new blog in the Easy Blog Networks Add Blog form or download it from WordPress.org and install it.

Spider Blocker in EBN Dashboard

Set up Spider Blocker

Plugin will block the most common crawlers like Majestic, Ahrefs and MOZ and hide your blogs from prying eyes of your competitors. It will do so by editing .htaccess file. It has no footprints and responds with standard 404 error when pinged.

Once installed Spider Blocker can be found under Tools menu. You can easily add new, remove existing or just allow/disallow existing spiders.

spider blocker

Download Spider Blocker


Spider Blocker runs on PHP 5.6+ and Apache 2.4+. If your server is running on an older version, the plugin will get automatically deactivated.

We also recently added support for Litespeed webserver to cater to users who have blogs hosted on servers that do not run on Apache.