A domain’s name isn’t a factor in whether it will work as a PBN domain. Unless you care about branding for your domains, there’s no point in spending more just to get a specific domain name. 

Instead, it makes sense to pay closer attention to the content that has previously been published on the domain. A domain’s topical focus can be difficult to change so getting one with content related to your purpose can make things easier. 

That said, there are some ways in which a trustworthy domain name can help things along.

For your PBN to be effective, it should contain PBN domain names that command significant authority in your niche. So, one of the main PBN link-building basics is to choose high-quality domains with relevant domain names. This article explains why PBN domain names matter in link building.

What Is a Private Blog Network?

A private blog network is a network of blogs and websites created purposely for linking out to your main website and enhancing its organic ranking power. A PBN is based on the belief that the “feeder” blogs and sites will transfer link juice to your main site and make it an authority in your niche, thus increasing its search visibility. Although some search engines like Google view the use of PBNs as an attempt to manipulate their algorithms, it’s not illegal to use this SEO strategy to make your website more visible.

When used properly, a PBN will create the impression that your website has attracted external links from other sites on merit. Google interprets this to mean that your website contains useful information that users need to see, which is why the search engine uses backlinks as one of its main ranking factors.

Google views every link back to your website as a vote of confidence and as an indication that people who visit your site like and trust the information on it. So, a PBN helps you generate as many votes of confidence as possible, but you have to do this correctly, so as not to arouse suspicion.

Google can easily suspend or ban your website because of using PBNs if it views them as spam, so be sure the PBN domains you buy are legit and relevant to your website. With the increasing cost of PBN domains, you can’t afford to buy domains that will catch the eye of Google reviewers and risk your site being penalized.

Why a PBN Domain Matters

As mentioned above, the entire idea of using PBNs is to make Google and other search engines believe your money site is an authority in your area of specialization. To achieve this, start by choosing domain names that have enough command in your niche. That way, they’ll transfer more authoritative link equity to your money website.  

Secondly, choosing authoritative domain names for your PBN will reduce the time and money you spend trying to bring the blogs and sites to life because they’ll already have enough traffic. Remember that part of creating an effective PBN is to ensure that the expired blogs and websites you purchase can be brought back into organic visibility.

Sometimes the expired domains contain irrelevant or useless content that must be updated to make the PBN more effective, but with influential domain names, your work will be easier as Google and internet users already trust them. So, the only task for you will be to streamline their content and ensure that they don’t create footprints that can cause suspicion.

Additionally, it’s important that the domain names you choose for your PBN are relevant to your area of specialization. As noted above, Google reviewers view backlinks that do not apply to your niche as spam. So, to avoid this, you should opt for authoritative domain names directly related to your area of specialization.