There’s no problem in buying backlinks to boost the ranking of your website; however, Google sees the use of paid backlinks as a “black hat” technique. 

So, you need to use your paid backlinks carefully to avoid getting de-indexed by Google. Too many spammy backlinks hurt your site’s profitability because you’ll spend money on links that don’t provide any value. Placing too many backlinks too quickly can also be an indication to Google that you’re not staying within their guidelines.

The best alternative to buying links piecemeal, or even paying for link-building services is to create a private blog network that you control. You manage the content and links on your PBN and so never have to worry about 

What Are PBNs?

A PBN is a network of blogs and websites created primarily for link-building. These networks are usually created using expired or idle domains purchased and restored. The main purpose of creating PBNs is to pass their link “juice” to your money site.

Because Google and other search engines consider backlinks as endorsements and votes of confidence from other website owners, they give priority to websites with more backlinks when providing search results. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to build organic links for your website, especially if it’s new–this is where PBN links come in handy.

PBNs work the same way as natural backlinks. They tell Google’s algorithm that your site is an authority in the industry thus ranking it higher in the search result pages (SERPs). The main difference between PBN links and natural links is that the links you place on your PBN are fully under your control.

Because PBNs are made of different websites and blogs linking to your main website, it’s very hard for Google to detect them.

However, you have to choose your PBNs and the hosting company carefully because sometimes they can leave footprints that can easily be traced back to the same hosting company, raising an alarm. With a company like Easy Blog Networks, you’ll get fully-installed blogs and websites with randomized usernames and themes to make them undetectable.

We also provide footprint-free PBN hosting by deploying multiple isolated data centers and hosting companies; it also uses different plugins to avoid detection. Aside from choosing the right company for your PBN hosting needs, you also need to identify the right domains. If possible, buy domains that already had relevant content, to begin with.

That way, you will start reaping the benefits of your PBNs almost immediately. Make sure the websites and blogs you use for your PBNs have high-quality link juice that they can donate to your money site to help it rank higher quickly.

Tips for Buying Backlinks

Although Google penalizes websites for using paid backlinks, the whole idea of buying backlinks isn’t illegal. What Google doesn’t condone is the use of paid backlinks to pass link juice and trick its ranking algorithm into believing that your website is an authority in the specific industry. 

Aside from purchasing expired domains to build your own network of sites and blogs that link back to your money site, you can also pay people to link back to your website. For instance, you can use paid guest posts, paid link insertions, paid directory listings, or press release distribution services. Sometimes, you can pay cash or offer goods or services in exchange for backlinks.

You can even buy links that carry the “rel=sponsored” or “rel=nofollow” attributes if you only need them for advertising. These attributes inform search engines that the links were created solely for reference purposes; they also show that the author of the link doesn’t endorse the site they’re linking back to. Unfortunately, these links don’t have any significant SEO value.   

Lastly, make sure that the backlinks you purchase aren’t spam created for malicious purposes. They should be of high quality and have relevant content. Google is very specific when it comes to using backlinks to rank websites–it pays more attention to links that are more relevant and authoritative. Therefore, don’t just buy any type of backlink you find out there.