Domain names for a PBN can range from as low as $50 to as high as $1,000 or more. It all depends on the quality of the domain you want to use. In theory, you can build up brand new domains for your PBN that will cost you a few dollars to register if you have the time and money to develop them. 

Private Blog Networks (PBNs) usually comprise expired domains sold by web hosting companies and individuals who wish to sell their domains. So, the cost of your PBN domains depends largely on their quality–before you pay for any PBN domain, make sure it has content and links of high quality.

The cost of your PBN domains will also depend on their domain names. Apart from checking the viability of the domains, you also have to consider your PBN domain names. Even if a domain name’s marketability is of no concern to you, it can drive up the price at auction. 

Your domain names for a private blog network should be relevant to your niche so that they can make your main website an authority in the industry–this article will jump into the actual cost of a good PBN domain.

How Much Does a PBN Domain Cost?

As noted above, the cost of a PBN domain depends on many factors, including quality. It should be genuine and have powerful and authoritative content and backlinks that will boost your ranking power. If you don’t check the quality, you’ll end up wasting time and money cleaning up domains for a PBN. With the ongoing hype around private blog networks, the cost of high-quality PBN domains has increased as web hosts and owners of websites and blogs look to make a profit from their expired domains and websites they no longer need.

The amount of money you spend will ultimately be determined by the number of domains you wish to purchase at a particular time, and the cost of the web hosting services you choose will determine the total cost of your domains. For instance, if you need eighty strong PBN domains to boost your site’s ranking power, you have to pay for the hosting of each domain.

So, if the cost of hosting each domain is $25 per year, you’ll be required to pay $2,000 for the eighty accounts per year. However, you might spend more than this if you want strong domains with powerful content and links.You should also consider the cost of registering the domain and enhancing its privacy–the average cost of registering a domain is about $15, so the total cost of eighty PBN domains will be $25 + $15 x 80 = $3,200.

The expenditure doesn’t end at the registration and hosting points; you also have to factor in the cost of bringing the domains live. In most cases, the PBN domains on the market have already expired, including their content, so consider hiring a professional content creator and SEO expert to bring the blogs and articles back to life and reuse as much of the old content as possible.

The cost of reviving the domains depends on the amount and quality of content you want to create. The more blogs and articles you want to generate, the more content creators you have to hire, and the higher the cost of the entire process. Configuring a blog involves a DNS setup and some customization to avoid leaving footprints likely to catch the eyes of search engines.

Although the process of creating new content and updating the expired one on the blogs and sites doesn’t take a lot of time, it requires a significant amount of money, depending on the quality and quantity of content you need. 

At a bare minimum, the content you create for your PBN links should be readable, relevant, informative, and interesting. Publishing complete junk content is a good way to make a domain seem spammy and not a legitimate site. 

Generating this kind of content requires you to work with SEO experts and writers who understand how search engine optimization works–you must set aside a budget for this service. With all these expenses, you can’t afford to buy useless PBN domains, so take your time to analyze your domains to make sure they’re worth your time and money.