Having a dedicated hosting server isn’t always a viable option for businesses–an accessible alternative is to put a website on a shared hosting server, like an SEO hosting provider. But many site owners are worried about the effect this has on their search engine optimization (SEO). 

Shared hosting can affect SEO performance in some instances, but if all aspects are equal and the shared hosting provider adheres to search engine guidelines, it won’t negatively impact search performance. 

A more pressing issue is the level of server access in a shared hosting scenario. Shared servers tend to give users less access and freedom and so may prevent some advanced implementations from taking place, but the likelihood of that being the factor impedes your SEO progress is very small. 

What Is Shared Hosting?

Web hosting is the storage of website data on web servers. A website’s data files are uploaded to a web server, which allows users to remotely access those files over the Internet. As a site owner, you can choose between a dedicated server or a shared server. A dedicated server reserves all the space for your website, meaning you get a monopoly of their RAM, hard drive, or bandwidth. On a shared server, you share these resources with other site owners.

An example of shared hosting is SEO hosting, an SEO-focused web hosting strategy that involves the hosting of multiple websites across multiple Internet Protocol (IP) addresses on one server. The purpose of SEO hosting is to optimize site management (particularly for SEO professionals who have to handle several sites) and increase a website’s search engine rankings. SEO hosting for startups is a good option for new businesses that want to improve their SEO effectively, but safely. 

How Does Shared Hosting Affect SEO?

Many factors affect a site’s SEO, including its web hosting, because web hosting influences your site’s performance, security, and back-ups. If you’re on a bad shared hosting server, you may experience downtimes, slow loading speeds, and unsafe addresses, which can signal to search engines that you’re not a credible enough website to recommend for its users. 

Is Shared Hosting Bad for SEO?

That said, shared hosting is not bad for SEO–you just need to be mindful of the effects of shared hosting on your site’s performance. But if you’re on a reputable shared hosting server like Easy Blog Networks, you won’t have to worry about a thing.

What to Look For in a Shared Hosting Server

To ensure you get an SEO-optimized website even on a shared hosting server, you must be extra thoughtful about the service provider you use. Here are some things to consider when choosing a shared hosting provider:


Site speed and uptime are important factors for SEO. Slower loads and downtimes can increase bounce rates and, in turn, lower SERP rankings; these may also be affected if traffic surges disturb your site’s performance on the server. Look for a shared hosting provider that can guarantee good performance; one that can keep your site loading at optimal speeds and have uptimes close to 100%.


You’ll want a secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate to build credibility and trust between you and search engines. This encrypts the exchange of information, ensuring that user data won’t be hacked or stolen when the website is in use. Find a shared hosting provider that enables you to have it.


Choose a shared hosting provider with reliable support channels–you won’t want to be left in the dark when you suddenly have hosting problems that need to be fixed swiftly. Additionally, look for a shared hosting server that keeps a backup of your site (or allows you to do it on your own) just in case something unexpected happens.


Look at reviews and testimonials of the service provider you’re considering to see if they live up to the promises they advertise, and to vet the experiences of their past and current clients. 

Easy Blog Networks for SEO Hosting

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