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  • Completely natural hosting profile
  • PBN hosting on the best cloud hosting providers
  • 1-Click blog install and autopilot maintenance
  • 100% FREE site migrations from any host
  • Time-tested safety and low deindexation rates
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We Guarantee a Natural Hosting Profile with ZERO Footprints

PBN Hosting with Zero Footprints

We host all your blogs on different A-, B- & C-Block IP addresses, in different data centers and by different hosting companies. This way your Private Blog Network profile is without footprints and looks completely natural.

We use a selection of high quality cloud hosts, many of which are hosting millions of sites for their customers. We have invested a lot of time into making sure your network doesn't leave any footprints.

PBN Hosting with Zero Footprints
Why build your own Private Blog Network

Why build your own Private Blog Network?

Even though some SEO gurus have moved to other, more "trendy" backlinking techniques, we can guarantee you that big affiliates and large agencies are still using PBNs. We know, because we host them.

PBNs are still — by far — the single most powerful way to build backlinks.

That said, there are some dangers in building a PBN:

  • You need to make sure you host on different reputable hosts.
  • You cannot leave any footprints (unique identifiers) between your blogs.
  • You have to keep your blogs updated so they never get hacked.

At Easy Blog Networks we take care of all that. We've been around since 2014. Today we are hosting private blog networks for large affiliates, big agencies, profitable web stores and even many SEO gurus that are using PBNs to rank their own websites.

We Host Your PBN Only With the Best Cloud Hosting Companies:

Amazon Web Services
Digital Ocean
1-Click Blog Install

1-Click Blog Install and Autopilot Maintenance

1-Click Blog Install

With us, it takes 1-click to install your blogs on a random server with a random host. Automatic WordPress, theme and plugin updates guaranteed. Daily backups for peace of mind.

Our servers are configured for performance. There's absolutely no need for expensive security plugins because we take care of everything for you.

Hosting PBNs doesn't get easier than this.

Run Multiple Networks From a Single Dashboard

SEO Metrics and Indexation Status

Run Multiple Private Blog Networks From a Single Dashboard


No more logging in to multiple, awkward cPanels. No more lengthy logins to individual blogs. No more hours searching for detailed blog metrics and information. With Easy Blog Networks you can run multiple networks from one simple dashboard.

We Provide Detailed SEO Metrics and Indexation Status for Peace of Mind

SEO Metrics in Dashboard

When ranking your websites, you need to know the indexation status of your PBN. For this reason, we have integrated an indexation check into your Easy Blog Networks's dashboard. We also provide Majestic metrics to give you a better feel of how your PBN is doing.

Automatic Updates

Automatic Updates

Out-of-date blogs are the single most common cause of painful hacking attempts. EBN fixes this problem for you by fully automating all updates across your entire network.

Daily Backups

Daily Backups

EBN guarantees daily backups of all your blogs. You can download backups to your computer with one click.

Automatic Nameserver Configuration

Automatic Nameservers

Add your registrar credentials inside your EBN dashboard and our system will automatically set the nameservers when you add your next blog.

PROOF: Time-Tested Safety and Low Deindexation Rates

PBN Hosting deindexation rates

"PBN Fox" analyzed 6000 blogs they manage and found that Easy Blog Networks deindexation rate is on par with premium cPanel hosts. SEO expert Charles Floate analyzed 165 of his own blogs hosted on different PBN hosts and found that EBN deindexation rate is by far the lowest.

We built Easy Blog Networks to be the easiest, simplest and 100% autopilot solution for building, hosting and managing your PBNs.

PBN Hosting deindexation rates
>How to build your own PBN

How to build your own PBN?

The basics of building a PBN are very simple — two steps:

Step 1: Buy an expired domain that still has backlinks going to it. By doing this, you piggy-back on the authority of what the previous owner built.

Step 2: Add this domain to your EBN account. Restore some of the content from the previous website (you will find it on Web Archive), and then slowly start adding your own content with backlinks to your website.

If you're new to SEO or PBNs, don't panic! We provide a free course that guides you through the setup. Our knowledgeable support team will also gladly help you at any step of the way.

The easiest and 100% autopilot solution for your PBN

Easy Blog Networks Video Preview

We built Easy Blog Networks to be the easiest, simplest, and 100% autopilot solution for building, hosting, and managing private blog networks. We're glad that we succeeded.

EBN is a better solution than traditional SEO hosting because it gives each of your websites the IP address and nameserver information directly from the hosting provider. For example, when we randomly pick Rackspace to host your blog, you'll be using Rackspace's nameservers. Zero footprint.

Ease of use, coupled with only the best hosting providers and lack of footprints, make EBN the best choice for your Private Blog Network. Feedback from our users affirms this!

Easy Blog Networks Video Preview

Users Love Easy Blog Networks

Just finished doing some consulting work with Dejan and the guys at Easy Blog Networks. Their setup is awesome, got a fantastic dev team behind it and they're the first SEO product to reach out for improvements and advice.

I suggest you guys check them out.

When Easy Blog Networks opened up I signed up for it immediately. It doesn't get any easier than one click! The basics of updates and backups are taken care of, and I can click a button to transfer over my old sites. Plus, my page loads are now much faster.

I'll be transferring over the rest of my websites as soon as possible.

We were lucky enough to come across Easy Blog Networks, since then managing our domains has been a lot easier. I have to say that everything about them we have found exceptional - the contact, the support, the system itself, the speed of the hosting, the load speed of the pages, the security - you name it and it really is everything we could ask for under one roof.

I am still amazed at the time it saves me running my PBN. All the listed tasks are taken care of automatically by EBN. Just fill in a simple form with your domain information and follow the instructions to change your domain's DNS and that's it.

If you are setting up your first PBN, or expanding your existing one, I recommend giving EBN a try.

In the time it took me to build two PBN blogs using traditional methods, I was able to get 18 blogs on Easy Blog Networks up and running... If someone needs a PBN to support their SEO requirements, they won't find a better complete solution than Easy Blog Networks.

If someone needs a PBN to support their SEO requirements, they won't find a better complete solution than Easy Blog Networks.

what would take hours to set up in now literally a few clicks and knowing everything is being tracked, backed up and monitored with their extremely reliable system is worth its weight in gold.

The only thing that can rival how good their systems are is their support which is honestly amazing how they go above and beyond to help.

71.5% of our users use Easy Blog Networks for the entire or most of their PBN.

71.5% 74.7% users mostly use EBN

97.9% of our users told us they would recommend EBN to their friends.

97.9% EBN users recommend us 97.9%

* Source: User Survey 2020

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PBN Hosting Hosting
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Free Transfer Free Transfer
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30-day money-back guarantee
How does the 7-day trial work?

Your trial gives you all features of EBN. If you cancel your trial within 7 days of signing up, we won't charge you anything. It's free.

If you decide to cancel, you'll also be able to download all your files and content for another 30 days — no risk.

Can I cancel anytime or change my subscription plan?

Yes. Easy Blog Networks is a pay-as-you-go service. There are no long term contracts or commitments on your part.

You can easily upgrade or cancel your subscription plan at any time. It's extremely simple and we provide instructions in our Help Center.

Can I upgrade or downgrade to discounted plans once I join?

Unfortunately, no. This is a special limited-time offer for Spin Rewriter users only. We only offer these discounted prices on this page.

We recommend you choose a plan that will cover your PBN hosting needs for at least the next couple of months.

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