In the last year since the last system update blog post, we’ve done a ton of updates on EBN. Let’s go through the big ones.

Invoice History

In the past, there was no easy way to get invoices from one page. Now, you can get a list of all your invoices under the billing settings. This should simplify getting invoices for your accountants every month.

New Mailbox

For some time, we’ve been receiving complaints about emails not getting delivered and other problems regarding the Atmail service we’ve been using. So we decided to replace Atmail with a self-hosted email service. Besides better deliverability and stability, you can now also use email filters, labels, folders, and other features that give you more control over the mailbox.

Registrar Credentials

Registrar credentials page was updated and moved to the Settings page. We’ve also updated the interface, so it’s up-to-date with our latest design changes.

Blog Message Events

When our system detects a critical issue with a plugin, it will disable it to keep the blog online. You can now see these events on the Activity page or the blog view page (Recent Activity section). This new event is called “Blog Message”.

Faster Blog List page

The homepage of the EBN app has been optimized. As a result, Enterprise users with hundreds of blogs should notice the significant decrease in the page load time and consequently see a vastly improved experience.

More reliable backups

We’ve also updated our backup system. It’s more reliable and performs some basic WordPress checks, preventing corrupted backups from being created. To reduce the disk space usage, we’re also compressing the database backups. The new format is now tar.gz instead of raw .sql format. You can extract .tar.gz files with the 7-zip program.

Infrastructure upgrade in progress

Because of the large infrastructure EBN is running, upgrading all of it takes a lot of time. However, approximately 50% of the infrastructure has already been upgraded. Once that is done, we expect improved uptime and stability for all blogs, plus it opens up for potential new features related to servers and hosts in the future.

Stay tuned!