Recommended Services

Domains and PBN Builds

If you're looking for expired domains there are some great services out there. Best of all - you can start with all of them for free.

PBN HQ Domains

PBN HQ Domains

PBN HQ Domains is a combination of database and service. They scrape the Internet for the domains but they also do manual spam checking on those domains. PBN HQ integrates with Easy Blog Networks API and will automatically deploy the domain to your EBN account.

Domains are sold from $10 to $20 (without registration fee). You can browse their database for free.

Hammerhead Domains

Hammerhead Domains

Hammerhead Domains has a free marketplace where they show you daily scraped domains. You have to do your own filtering and research.

Their premium domains are sold from $50 to a few hundred dollars (registration fee included). You can buy topic packs for $97 for 50 domains (without registration fee).

Pure Quality Domains

Pure Quality Domains

Pure Quality Domains is a full-service broker. Just request the niche and number of domains and they take care of everything. Domains have minimum metrics of 15 DA/TF/CF and go through an 8-step manual quality review.

Domains start at $40 and go down to $15 for bulk orders (without registration fee).

We highly recommend you signup with all of the above services and see which has the best domains for your niche.

PBN Fox - Domains and PBN Building


PBN Fox is a PBN building and management service focused on making quality PBN blogs that pass manual inspection. They handle everything from finding domains to building good-looking niche blogs. Turnaround time is much faster for sites hosted on Easy Blog Networks.

Highly recommended when you want a turn-key solution for your Private Blog Network.

Content Publishing

Article Forge

Article Forge uses Artificial Intelligence to create unique, readable articles for your SEO needs. It can also add images, videos and links to the articles. You can setup automated posting to your blogs with their scheduler.

Big Content Search

Private Label content, known as PLR (Private Label Rights) is content shared by many purchasers. If you want it unique, it'll take a bit of rewriting. The biggest PLR search engine, Big Content Search, hosts over 128,000 articles and 1000 ebooks which you can use any way you like.

Big Article Scraper

You can also use an article scraper which scrapes article directories. According to their Terms of Use, you'd need to keep the outgoing link to the author's homepage. Big Article Scraper gives you access to 1.7 MILLION articles on different topics.

Green Light Articles

For those high-quality blogs you'll want to get quality unique content. There are many services out there but, being biased of course, we only use our friend Colin Klinkert's service Green Light Articles.

Spin Rewriter

With all the above sources it's highly recommended you use an article spinner which will make your articles unique. Just make sure to run your articles through grammar check so you don't get hit with a penalty. By far the best article spinner is Spin Rewriter, developed by our friend Aaron Sustar.

Other Tools

There's lots of tools that can help you in your SEO business. Here's our selection.

Network Crusader

Network Crusader

Network Crusader is a PBN management platform. It manages WordPress, Joomla and Tumblr blogs from one dashboard. Network Crusader allows you to add EBN blogs with one click to their dashboard.

Serped is a suite of tools for SEOs. It has modules for keyword research, competition analysis, site reports, expired domain finder, site explorer, site reporting and more and more.

If you're a full-time SEO, it's hard to imagine you won't use Serped at least a few hours every month.

Rank Trackr

Rank Trackr

Every SEO needs a rank tracker and Rank Trackr is one of the best. It's beautifully designed, tracks Google, Google Places, YouTube and Bing. It also accurately tracks your local rankings.

Very competitively priced and with a 10-day free trial, RankTrackr should be one of your must-use tools.

Ranking Rabbit

Ranking Rabbit

If you're not completely comfortable with SEO yet, you'll want to join James Upjohn's Ranking Rabbit course. It's a great course that covers everything and will get you on the right track in no time. There is also a very active Facebook community where James regularly participates and gives some great tips and tricks on practically weekly basis.

You can start with a 7-day trial for just $7.