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A Secure Multi-Location And Multi-Provider Hosting Solution That's 100% Footprint-Free

Easy Blog Networks is the first and only PBN provider that enables you to create a footprint-free natural IP profile for your blog network.

By automating the process of building your blog network across A-, B- and C-block IPs using a variety of trusted, big brand hosting providers EBN gives you a perfectly natural looking network. There's no trickery. It's simply natural.

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100+ Datacenters. 18 Hosts.
1 Invisible Network.

Data centers on three continents.

We don't just tell you we've got a "wide variety of IPs" – which might just mean a a few servers and a bunch of proxy IPs. Unlike some providers, we've got nothing to hide.

We've got hosting with different high-end providers and datacenters on three continents, and we're adding more on a regular basis. Read about them here.

Easy Blog Networks' Natural IP Profiles Are The Future Of PBNs

Natural IP Profiles

To create a truly balanced profile you need to show a backlink profile that mimics the split between A-, B- and C-block IPs you find on natural authority sites. EBN creates this natural distribution by hosting your network across a large variety of trusted hosts and data centers using A-, B- and non-sequential C-block IPs.

House Your Sites In The
Very Best Neighborhoods

Very Best Neighborhoods

Because EBN spreads your blog network across big brand hosting providers you never need to worry about being penalized, deindexed or shut down because of bad websites sharing near IPs, the same IPs, or the same servers as you... which means you will never suffer a penalty due to someone else's bad business.

Automatic Nameservers

Automatic Nameservers

EBN now makes setting your blog's nameservers for popular registrars as easy as selecting what size shoes you want on Amazon.

Simply add your registrar credentials inside the EBN dashboard and the system will automatically set nameservers when you add the next blog.

Full HTTPS Support

Full SSL Support

With Google and WordPress both making clear moves to support HTTPS/SSL it’s now more important than ever to follow the trend if you want to maintain a healthy blog network.

Our HTTPS support keeps you safe and secure, and can even create a small bump in search rankings due to new ranking algorithm that checks for HTTPS/SSL.

There are currently 2 free choices available for EBN users:

  • Let’s Encrypt SSL (recommended),
  • CloudFlare SSL (if your blog is deployed with CloudFlare).

Want Us To Import Your Blogs To EBN (For FREE)?

Transferring your blogs from one host to another can be a difficult, frustrating, and expensive task. But at Easy Blog Networks we’re ready to manage the whole process for you.

It’s FAST, EASY and it’s completely FREE.

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Other Key Features Of EBN Hosting

  • All emails are forwarded to the Mail Inbox of every blog. This helps you easily resolve Whois email footprint.
  • No need for time consuming multiple cPanel logins as everything you need to run your PBN is in the EBN dashboard.
  • Hacker proof: EBN keeps your blogs security as up-to-date as possible and creates daily backups on autopilot.
  • 99.9% uptime is standard across all the big brand hosting providers.
  • EBN takes care of protecting your login page and other security settings.

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All of your backups, security patches, performance updates, themes and plugin upgrades are done for you on each and every blog in your network.

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If you are looking to save time and effort and run your entire PBN system from the comfort of one powerful dashboard then EBN is for you.

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