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Your Own PBN... In Just Minutes

3 steps

Easy Blog Networks is more than PBN hosting. It's an all-in-one system that automates the setup, management and maintenance of your Private Blog Network.

Best of all... everything you need to run a completely invisible PBN is located, accessed and managed from a single dashboard.

User Review

Lara Fabans Lara Fabans, Lodestone Consulting Service

When Easy Blog Networks opened up I signed up for it immediately. It doesn't get any easier than one click! The basics of updates and backups are taken care of, and I can click a button to import over my old sites. Plus, my page loads are now much faster.

Want Us To Import Your Blogs To EBN (For FREE)?

Transferring your blogs from one host to another can be a difficult, frustrating, and expensive task. But at Easy Blog Networks we're ready to manage the whole process for you.

It’s FAST, EASY and it’s completely FREE.

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3 Powerful Components...
1 Complete, Simple PBN Solution

Easy Blog Networks combines and automates all three essential elements of the perfect Private Blog Network into a single, secure, 100% footprint-free, automated service. In fact, it's one-click and one dashboard for everything!

Trustworthy Hosting Providers


Easy Blog Networks is the first PBN service to randomly distribute your blogs across multiple big brand providers, which means you get a completely natural looking IP profile, without ever leaving the comfort of your EBN dashboard.

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One-Click WordPress Setup


No more wasted time installing and setting up your blogs. EBN will install and setup one (or many) WordPress blogs in a single click. Not only that, on the Add Blog form you can easily choose specific themes and plugins to be installed automatically.

Read more about Blog Management...

Autopilot Blog Maintenance


The EBN system saves you countless hours of work by putting all of your critical blog management needs on autopilot. WordPress updates, daily backups, security and performance maintenance - all done automatically on all blogs in your network.

Read more about Blog Maintenance...

PBNs Are The Single Most Powerful SEO Technique Available Today... BUT:

  • You permanently multiply your expenses through extra hosting and unique IP costs.
  • You dramatically increase your workload through setting up and having to maintain each new blog.
  • You add more and more stress as your PBN grows.

Easy Blog Networks allows you to easily scale your blog network from 10 to 50 to 100 blogs in a matter of days. Not only that, EBN will keep your network safe by making sure your blog network looks completely natural.

Your Private Blog Networks Look Natural... Because They Are

Most SEO hosting companies try to manufacture a natural looking IP profile by selling you "a diverse range" of IP addresses. And they don't tell you where they're from.

Do you ever wonder where they host your blogs? Who owns the servers, who owns the IPs and who owns the nameservers?

At Easy Blog Networks, we don't hide our hosting providers or DNS providers... because we don't need to.

Your blogs are hosted on big brand providers like Amazon, Rackspace, Softlayer and Digital Ocean. You'll be using their IPs, nameservers and datacenters.

And that means your PBN profile looks completely natural... because it is!

Example Blog Server, IP & DNS

Complete Host, DNS & IP Transparency

The power of Easy Blog Networks is the diversity, quality and transparency of the hosting we use. Rather than telling you that we'll provide you "with hundreds of diverse IPs" which could come from anywhere, we show you where, how and who you're hosted with.

All the information you need about your PBN is in your dashboard. You can check your hosting provider, your DNS provider and your IP at the click of a button. So you can be confident your PBN setup is always natural.

Hosting Provider Logos

Easy Blog Networks In 3 Simple Steps

Creating a footprint-free PBN couldn't be easier:

Step 1

Click "New", enter Blog Domain, Title and Network, select a popular theme or let EBN randomize it for you and then click "Add Blog". That's it!

Step 2

Go to your registrar, find your domain and change your nameservers. Can also be automated with our Automatic Nameservers.

Step 3

Login to your blog directly from our dashboard. Your blog is already setup to your specifications.

Take A Look At EBN's Impressively Simple Dashboard

One-Click WordPress Install

As easy as entering two fields - Blog Domain and Blog Title, everything else is setup automatically.

Random popular theme will be installed. Different plugins will be installed. WordPress usernames are randomized. Display names are random common names. Email is always info@ blog's domain.

When blog is created so are generic email addresses, including info@ which you can then use for Whois contact email.

Nameserver configuration can be automated so that EBN sets the nameservers automatically at your registrar.

One Dashboard for Multiple Hosting Providers

A quick overview of all your blogs on different servers. Login directly to your WordPress blogs from the dashboard.

Quickly glance at your dashboard to see which blogs are indexed in the search engines and which are not.

With Activity Log you can see daily updates to your blogs - deployment, DNS updates, indexation status and much more.

Detailed Blog Information

Get information on server IP, login credentials, WordPress version, and nameservers easily from one screen.

Check if backups are running smoothly and optionally download the latest backup to your computer.

You can also check the blog's SEO Metrics - indexation status, Majestic and Moz metrics.

Exclusive: Blog Health

We’re excited to be the first and only PBN hosting to offer a built in blog health checker.

That means EBN can diagnose each of your blogs to give you a blog health score. See at a glance which blogs are in good standing. See which blogs are at risk of being deindexed. And most importantly, see how to quickly fix them up for a clean bill of health.

Click here to find out more about Blog Health.

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You are protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Is Easy Blog Networks Safe Or Will It Get My PBN Deindexed?

Short answer? Yes, we’re safe. In fact, it’s been shown that using Easy Blog Networks is just as safe as manually creating multiple hosting accounts and doing everything yourself. But check out the data for yourself. Numbers don’t lie:

Case Study by PBN Fox

PBN Fox Case Study

PBN Fox analyzed 6000 blogs they manage and found that EBN deindexation rate is on par with premium cPanel hosts.

This means you can listen to the "gurus" and use multiple accounts with Hostgator, Bluehost, Dreamhost and similar hosts and still expect the same deindexation rate as on EBN, just with A LOT more hassle.

You can read the case study on PBN Fox blog.

Case Study by Charles Floate

Charles Floate Case Study

Charles Floate analyzed 165 of his blogs hosted on different PBN host services. He found that EBN deindexation rate is by far the lowest of all services.

You can read the case study on his blog.

See What Our Long-Term Users Say About EBN

Simon Lissa

Simon Lissa

When we first started out, we managed our PBNs through individual hosting accounts and I have to say it was a real nightmare. We lost hundreds and hundreds of domains due to mismanagement. We then moved over to SEO hosting. Sure, it was a little bit easier to manage the SEO hosting, having it all under one roof, but the difficulty that we then faced was we started to get huge numbers of de-indexes...

After that we were lucky enough to come across Easy Blog Networks, since then managing our domains has been a lot easier. I have to say that everything about them we have found exceptional - the contact, the support, the system itself, the speed of the hosting, the load speed of the pages, the security - you name it and it really is everything we could ask for under one roof.

Simon Lissa

Scott Smith

Scott Smith

I've been involved in SEO for many years and recall the effects on many SEO providers and websites when Google Penguin hit in April 2012. Since then, safe reliable hosting has become an extremely important part of keeping my private blog networks safe. Before discovering Easy Blog Networks I had virtual assistants dedicated to keeping things running:

  • Managing billing for many hosting companies.
  • Dealing with different support depths from different hosting companies.
  • Installing WordPress, plugins and themes.

... on top of this I was also paying for services to check if the domains were still indexed, backup storage and check for uptime.

However, with Easy Blog Networks all the above effort and time are removed as their amazing online system does all this for me. Now my team can focus on far more powerful and productive tasks and I also love the ease of management of their panel, what would take hours to set up in now literally a few clicks and knowing everything is being tracked, backed up and monitored with their extremely reliable system is worth its weight in gold.

Anyone considering using them I would highly recommend test driving their small account like I did before moving over all my networks. The only thing that can rival how good their systems are is their support which is honestly amazing how they go above and beyond to help.

Scott Smith, ScottSEO.co.uk

Don Shults

Don Shults

My goal was to create a PBN that I could use to help rank sites for businesses in my local area. After struggling with a number of tools and struggling with SEO providers, the main registrar, and hiring outsourcers to manage about 10 blogs, I came across Easy Blog Networks.

In the time it took me to build two PBN blogs using traditional methods, I was able to get 18 blogs on Easy Blog Networks up and running... If someone needs a PBN to support their SEO requirements, they won't find a better complete solution than Easy Blog Networks.

Don Shults

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Easy Blog Networks At A Glance

Hosting and DNS Providers

Your blogs are hosted by big brand hosting providers. Nameservers are provided by the same companies or popular DNS providers.

One-Click WordPress Setup

One click to deploy a blog to a random hosting provider. Few clicks to add popular plugins or change common settings.

Automatic Nameservers

No need to even visit your registrar to setup nameservers. With Automatic Nameserver Configuration, EBN can do it all for you.

Automatic Updates

WordPress, theme and plugins are automatically checked and updated on a regular basis.

Automated Daily Backups

Daily backups of all your blogs, downloadable with one click to your computer.

Performance and Security

EBN and our staff will take care of server performance and security setup so you don't have to.

Blog Health

Blog Health will show you issues on your blogs that can cause deindexation. Guaranteed lower deindexation rate!

Blog SEO Metrics

Majestic, MOZ and Indexation status all updated on a regular basis. Overview in your blog info page.

Import Existing Blogs

Easily import your existing blogs from other hosts into our system with just a few clicks.

Full HTTPS Support

HTTPS/SSL is now more important than ever to maintaining a healthy blog network. Our SSL support keeps you safe and secure.

Blog Domain Mail Inbox

Each blog has four email addresses to which you can receive mail.

Random Username Setup

Usernames are randomly chosen, with random email address and a popular US full name for display name.

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You are protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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money-back guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

No, EBN is not SEO hosting. SEO hosts use their own IPs and nameservers and we use everything that's owned by brand hosting providers.

We have a few thousand IPs but for safety reasons you can purchase only up to 500 unique IPs. This way an average user has access to less than 5% of our whole pool of IPs. All IPs are A-, B- or at the very least non-sequential C-blocks.

All IPs come from reputable providers in the US, UK, Canada and Australia. Our IP pool spans 38 A-blocks which is 19% of all A-Blocks used by the western providers.

Right now, no, but EBN is fully optimized for simple, secure and easy WordPress hosting. When you see how simple it is, you won't want anything else. And since WordPress is running almost a third of the Internet, there is also no issues with platform footprints.

The IPs are naturally occurring random mix of A-, B- and C-block IPs, all provided by big brand hosting providers. Nameservers are providers' default ones, which are used by all their customers (usually in the tens of thousands), which means everything about your PBN looks completely natural.

There are no fixed bandwidth or space limits. However, so we can keep our prices low and pass the savings on to you, we don't allow hosting of videos, large images or any other large files. We also don't recommend hosting any high-traffic blogs (10,000 visits per month or more) or any demanding custom installations (like eCommerce and similar).

We don't allow any illegal topics, hate speech, pharmacy, gambling and adult (includes escort topics). Our system does regular scans of all blogs and if it finds specific keywords it will automatically remove the blog post.

Yes! Amazing, right? EBN syncs up with most popular registrars to let you quickly and easy control the whole process from the comfort of your dashboard.

See All Frequently Asked Questions

The Easy Blog Networks Hosting Industry First
Money-Back Guarantee

Easy Blog Networks isn't just the first service provider to bring you a completely automated, one-click system PBN hosting with truly natural IP profile.

We are also the first hosting service we know of to offer you a full 30-day money-back guarantee on our service... even though it costs us REAL money to set up and deliver your hosting.

And to make it even easier for you not to miss out on your spot during this limited intake you are invited to take a 7-day FREE trial.

30 day money back
limited time only
7 day trial

See What Industry Experts Have To Say

Aaron Sustar

Aaron Sustar

I've known the team behind Easy Blog Networks for years now, and their software products have always been on a whole other level compared to most of the marketing tools out there... but their latest project, Easy Blog Networks, takes the cake! It's a very complex project but they've managed to pack all that immense power into a user-friendly interface that's an absolute pleasure to use.

When you add their awesome customer support and the fact they're 100% committed to their customers to the mix... you've got a winning product on your hands!

Aaron Sustar, owner of the most popular article spinning tool, SpinRewriter.com

Andy Fletcher

Andy Fletcher

By Dejan's request I did a system audit. The lead dev, Nejc, guided me through the system and how it's built. And I must say, I was really impressed!

The tech team really knows what they're doing. The system has been well thought-out from the beginning and there are many measures taken to position EBN as the best service in this space.

Easy Blog Networks has my full confidence, I use it and I recommend it to anyone who's building their own PBN.

Andy Fletcher, Serial Entrepreneur

Colin Klinkert

Colin Klinkert

Great job guys! Easy Blog Networks is just so easy to use... I'm impressed every time I log in.

Installing WordPress literally takes a few seconds. I've saved hours of work already thanks to you. I also love the auto-update feature. Not long ago my SEO hosting server got hacked and I received tons of abuse complaints. Turns out hackers got in via outdated versions of WordPress. I spent DAYS cleaning it up. A huge pain... Well, at least I'm sure this won't ever happen with Easy Blog Networks.

Colin Klinkert, owner of serped.net

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You are protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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money-back guarantee

The Team

Niteo was founded in 2007 and is based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Right now, there’s 8 of us working full-time on keeping your blogs maintained, updated and 100% secure.

Niteo Team

The team on a company meetup in Thailand. From left to right: Marbe, Rihard, Nejc, Dejan, Gašper, Jan, Janez, Cecille.

We also have SEO Experts that are in the trenches daily advising us on where the industry is going and how to build Easy Blog Networks to be the best tool possible.

Note: Easy Blog Networks is the only PBN hosting with one-click WordPress install to big brand hosting providers and 100% natural footprint-free IP & nameserver profile. Plus, we do all the maintenance for you AND we import your blogs from existing hosts. With a 7-day FREE trial and 30-day money-back guarantee, your first month is completely risk-free.

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