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Import is possible only with live WordPress blogs. We don't recommend importing eCommerce or any other complex WordPress installation. We can import up to 5 blogs at a time. Once those are done and working, change the nameservers and then you can request 5 more.

If automatic import does not work, we have to do it manually. This takes time so please be patient since our support team is working as fast as they can.

Import Instructions

Before sending the spreadsheet update WordPress to the latest version, update all plugins and themes, disable all security plugins, remove all inactive themes and plugins on your existing blogs.

Please keep in mind the import limitations:

  • The system will clone posts, pages, comments, custom fields, terms, navigation menus, custom posts, up to 1000 media files, then overwrite settings, add active theme and plugins from directory and add users (without passwords).
  • At this time the system cannot import paid and custom plugins and themes or their settings. You'll need to do those manually.
  • Because passwords are encrypted, you'll need to reset passwords for existing users when the deployment is finished.
  • Any files that are above 10 MB or are other than .jpg, .png or .gif will not be imported.

Do not change nameservers until told to do so. We need a working live blog for import.

Requesting Import Service

Add the new domain to your EBN account but do not update the nameservers.

Download import spreadsheet. Follow the instructions below to fill out the spreadsheet.

  • Blog URL: existing WordPress blog URL,
  • Server IP: existing WordPress blog server IP,
  • Username: existing WordPress blog username,
  • Password: existing WordPress blog password,
  • Easy Blog Networks Login Email: the email you use to log in to our service.

Click the button below to send the import request.

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