GoPBN Alternative - Why You Should Reconsider And Subscribe To Easy Blog Networks

On this page, you will find the reasons why we think you shouldn't subscribe to GoPBN and rather subscribe to Easy Blog Networks, the leading provider for PBN hosting since 2015.

Why Not GoPBN?


When GoPBN launched, in an attempt to ride our coat tails and use our name to gain popularity, they advertised themselves as a safer solution than Easy Blog Networks stating that we use cPanel and have left the SOA records open. This is 100% false, we don't use cPanel and know better than to leave such a basic footprint on our platform.

GoPBN is *really* expensive. They charge $350 per month for 100 blogs while we charge just $199, 43% less. You’d expect they’d have more features, better setup or something else. But they do not.

They say they host with popular hosts - but they never name them or list them on their website. There is no mention of backups, automatic updates, performance or security setup. Their user interface is sleek but the setup of blogs is cumbersome - multiple steps just for one WordPress install.

They say you can diversify better with their additional CMSs - but with Ghost’s 0.1% market share and Joomla’s 6.8%, you’re really not doing that much.

Why Easy Blog Networks?

Easy Blog Networks

Easy Blog Networks launched in late 2014. We name our popular hosting providers, and we show you exactly who and where you host with. We have nothing to hide and everything we say, you can check in your account.

Our 1-click WordPress setup is really 1-click. You just enter blog domain, title and click Add Blog. Everything else is done by us. We do automatic updates, daily backups and set up the server and blogs for performance and security. There is very little for you to do but add content and links to your blogs.

With EBN you also get a full dashboard with SEO metrics - Majestic, MOZ and Indexation status, all updated on a regular basis. And with our exclusive Blog Health, we’ll show you issues on your blogs that can cause deindexation.

We are confident when we say that Easy Blog Networks is the easiest and safest solution for hosting your PBN.

  GoPBN Easy Blog Networks
Hosting Providers  Unknown  Known big brands
1-Click WordPress Setup  No  Yes
Daily Backups  No  Yes
Automatic WordPress Updates  No  Yes
Security and Performance Setup  No  Yes
Price for 100 Blogs  $350  $199
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