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Published on 2019/04/01


Last updated on 2020/08/19


by Gasper Vozel

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A few months ago we’ve made some minor changes to the UI (see: EBN UI changes on Blog List and Activity) but we weren’t happy with the overall look and feel of the EBN App. So we put our heads together and came up with a completely new design.

We wanted to change several elements but the old design prevented us from doing anything major. Another reason why we decided to do this is because we believe in the importance of listening, and our users gave us feedback which we couldn’t ignore any more. Although our defining quality is under the hood (i.e. backend systems) we still want our frontend (i.e. user interface) to reflect at least a glimpse of the beauty of the backend.

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Each page was designed from scratch. We left no stone unturned and we feel we’ve achieved what we and our users wanted to see:

Blog List View
Blog Add Form

We still have some work to be done (mainly polishing) so you might see some minor changes in the next few weeks. We hope you are satisfied with the changes and feel free to give feedback on our Facebook page, Twitter page or if you want, you can write me an email at gasper[at]

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Gasper Vozel

Gašper is the project lead of Easy Blog Networks.

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