Resuming the WordPress automatic update feature

Last updated on 2020/09/15


by Niko Klaneček

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Back in December of last year, we let you know that we decided to temporarily pause the automatic update feature of EBN blogs. We did this to protect your blogs from potentially breaking due to the upcoming WordPress 5.0 update, which many people thought was rushed.

We were initially going to re-enable the feature as soon as WordPress 5 had stabilized but we ended up delaying that further since newer versions of WordPress had some compatibility issues with the version of PHP we were running on our servers.

We are very excited that after a couple of months of work, all EBN servers are running PHP 7.3, the latest and fastest version, giving your blogs a slight speed boost and finally allowing us to re-enable the automatic update feature with confidence.

The feature will be resumed on Monday, the 17th of June and your blogs will slowly be upgraded to the latest version of WordPress over the coming weeks.