Meet Kafkai: the machine-learning powered writing program, producing SEO content for less than $0.10 per article.

AI-written articles at cents instead of dollars sound too good to be true. I don’t blame you. The internet is littered with “powered by AI” ads for various tools offering different promises. Not to mention that the content industry is already saturated with all kinds of content solutions – from expensive writers to spinners, cheap article sites to VAs for hire. Kafkai does not belong in any of those, it’s the first AI writer built exclusively for SEO and MMO.

If you are an Easy Blog Networks user, you can agree that we do our best to deliver. Kafkai is not only an independent project that we decided to dip our toes in when we tinkered with machine learning but is also a product of our decision to address one of the key elements in running a successful PBN – content.

What you shouldn’t expect from Kafkai is a perfect article – an article that rivals the content of $100 per post writers. While Kafkai uses a machine-learning algorithm, there is some trial and error involved – it is a complete black box like any other machine learning algorithm. Most articles you get might need some polishing and proofreading, but now and then, you will get articles that you can use as-is.

How does the Kafkai content production process work?

Once you have purchased your plan with Kafkai, log in with the credentials sent to your email. Inside, you will see the main dashboard showing all supported niches presented as buttons. You can see some of the available niches and samples here.

Click on the niche which best aligns with your topic. You will get redirected to a page where you can set the number of articles you want to be generated – up to 10 random, yet relevant, articles at a time only. This mode of generation takes only a few minutes to create each.

To get the very best of what Kafkai has to offer, however, I would recommend using the Advanced option to enter a seed – title or paragraph of an already existing article online that is similar to the one you want to produce. This seed gives the algorithm more direction and typically makes for better articles.

Monthly article limits vary between packages. Currently, the highest plan we have is the Industrial Printer (5000 articles/month) for those needing a large volume of articles.

So, what level of quality should you expect?

One of Kafkai’s greatest plus points is the articles’ readability – they read as though they’ve been written by a person with a relatable voice, rather than by an emotionless machine.

Moreover, the AI writing program writes in a logical order, with an introduction and a conclusion, as well as several solid, relevant paragraphs sandwiched between. Occasionally, you will find grammatically incorrect sentences, but these are easy enough to rectify.

Each article will usually have a chunk that you will want to remove: points that you might find not strong enough, or a conclusion that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but all you need to do is remove these to increase the strength of your article as a whole.

This is another advantage of using the Advanced option, as you can choose to generate up to 10 articles, which all focus on the title/seed you have provided.

So, if one or two of the points of your favorite article don’t sit well with you, then you can stitch them together to get the very best article possible on your desired topic.

In conclusion, Kafkai is an incredible option for people who cannot afford to spend $40+ each article, but who still want to benefit from the advantages that good content marketing and blog writing can achieve. It is safe to say that Kafkai is a huge step up from $5 article writers, article spinners, and other text generating tools – and can be made even better, with just five to ten minutes of editing.

Marbe Ralozo

Marbe is the support manager of Easy Blog Networks.

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